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Our new advisory board member jessica mckellar a software developer and author and assauge you abbassi our advisory board member and professor at uc berkeley school of public health you can find links to their profiles and their work on our website life of the law dot org will be sure to add links to all of the books and articles that were referred to in this in studio on our website life of the law dot org cureton jesuits title and rachel came postproduced this episode our music was composed by ian costs howard gilman and danny brinker were engineers at kqed radio in san francisco special thanks to juliusz braun next on life of the law john phillips uso lichter herbert reul these big composers come to congress in nineteen o5 926 newlook hey guys people her going out there they're making walk cylinders they're aching discs they're making money off of our music but we're not getting paid for it that's next on life of the law if you're curious about the law and like binge listening 10 into life of the law on itn's there are more than a hundred and ten amazing episodes about people like me and you in the law take a few minutes to post your review like us on facebook and follow us on twitter each time we publishing new episode we send people who have subscribed to our newsletter a behind the scenes look at life of the law including notes from our reporters and our listeners were a nonprofit project of the tide center an were part of the panoply network of podcasts you can also find life of the law on prix public radio exchange were funded by the open society foundations the law and society association the national science foundation and by you visit our website life of the law dot org and make a very much appreciated donation to help pay for the direct costs a producing episodes such as this one i mansi mullane thanks for listening.

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