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I tried to night i see him on tv immigrants that as a blank spot in the cable of the guy i don't look at dover have you seen the new via i have not actually be old ones demo before i was born uh back to what you were talking about earlier yawn um i actually remember when i was eight my uncle took me to see the the first one and new hope 'cause they brought it back to theaters for their anniversary so back not ninety seven that's correct all cool okay all right so me let's let's see if you know these the number question number one chris what is the name of the planet that looks guy walker grew up on uh that tweeting that tweet i'll tell accept the good john chris that's number one how many forms of communication is c3 po fluent in i don't remember that one except all of them uh all right eu gathering all cbn's of that when just in case any to get back to our chris what is the name of the space station where han solo first meet luke skywalker in obiwankenobi uh oh what is the name of the space i told you these weren't going to be easy these are for serious fans i can't remember uh haruka all right let's that you'll get one out of three so far you get the next two wanted to these correct i'm better in order to win rewrite quite right chris what ship made the castle run on twelve par sex the millennium falconara near that one right here to write this one should be easy for you i think you might you might you may pull us one off chris who blew up the first deaths are luke skywalker all right what chris lindholm christensen abukar's on hold chris's area he got the frigate three out of five and now we're just pull that one out that's good or it if we get somebody else gets the best out of five them will have that these two guys to a playoff right hold on let the.

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