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So My name is Dr Marie? ? Reproductive endocrinology further specialist. . My is in Manhattan on Columbus Circle. . The practice is called new hope for not center I. . Am a father of two boys. . Ryan is fifteen years old going through puberty and Adam is eleven years old and I love my boys and my dot com will be he's my favorite <hes> history years old any sleeps with me every night I literally feel like we're just gonNA continue a sentence from from before. . So we were talking about all your. . Treatments in all the different things that you can experience while you're having your IV thing that sounds like somewhat not want to call it a SPA treatment but there it just sounds. . Nice. . Amazing this it is treated. You . know it's funny to warding job honestly, , and I really love my job and a lot of time I get attached to my patients because you're helping them have a baby and you know I get Christmas cards every year and saying, , Oh thank you give me a baby. . What kind of you know it's it's really happiness I cannot explain and actually they send pictures of the kids and the children and I put them on the wall and my house. . So I have a wall full of pictures of the baby, , the baby's. . Saying So let's go back because I. . think part of this conversation was really like I the F. One. . Oh one if you've ever been curious if you've ever thought about it if you've ever been, , you know sort of confused about what it entailed. We . really covered all the details. . So those of you listening who are still curious about that providence to go listen to part one of this conversation part two is going to be more of like you. . I mean, , you're just so knowledge what everything. . More of the cutting edge stuff because I think that that's really what your outfit specializes in and is so prized for is that you really are on this cutting edge of what does it mean to be able to <hes> bring Tila to a challenging situations and to do it in a really as noninvasive way as possible, , which is actually fascinating Lee sometimes with better results. . So <hes> I guess we got cut off at noninvasive chromosomal screening is that right? ? Am I like looking at this? ? Okay. . Then noninvasive chromosomes screening our next is the following. . Let's say Daphne has three boys and now she wants to have a car. . And now she comes to my office and tell me Dr Marie I WanNa have a boy now are we gonNa do is we're going to do something called IVF. . We suck the ads at your husband's sperm, , and then we make embryos right sperm and egg may can embryo it takes down a week to make an embryo <hes>. . Now, , a days in the last few years more and more centers are testing the embryos not just for the gender also chromosomal screening. . You don't want to worry about having a down syndrome baby and then I'm Houston later on or have a miscarriage and then was centers. . Do they take a piece of your embryo <hes> and then freeze the embryo and test this piece for the chromosome because it's coming from the embryo? ? We don't do that with the Knicks are noninvasive chromosome screening. . We take the fluid at your embryo where it's growing. . Just. . A fluid water and with that fluid for the end without taking off your angrier. . We're only has this technology and I can tell you a lot of people come to us because they were like you know I don't know if the biopsy off Ambrose rain debut and I don't want south sticking out of my my future baby you know they can out to be tested. . So that's that's the knicks or none of his of chromosomes I can tell you I love it because it doesn't put on your embryo if you see how an embassy biopsies down the stretch like this and the Pum, , a piece of snaps out. . It's a little bit aggressive. . So the next I think presents a lot of things and then you can also for tomorrow and you can have your boy if you want just journalists election. . Yeah. . Fascinating because the the a when it's growing remember we put it in a culture dish and over the week after we had the sperm and egg over the growth of. . The DNA is thrown in that fluid. . So that's how we do it. . So that's I think is cutting edge technology reverted proud to have it at new hope fertility center. . Why is it only you guys that have this technology you know other centers have done it for research and stuff, , but I did not get a good result <unk> when we started this technology. . I can tell you my secret sauce by the way to have fun. . Waiting. . But before we offered the to patients, , you have to test it. . Right. . You have to do on the same embryo both technologies the old one and the fluid L. We got ninety nine point nine percent correlation other places they got sixty, , eighty percent Max, , and so it's the the lab hasn't really got the as good results if I wanNA, , say that's Why it's not. . So we have great technology. . We have great lab, , and that's why we have a thousand nine point nine percent correlation between both understood and has a nice. . So we talked before about the Needle Free Ivf, , we're you take pills instead of injections, correct , pills and patches and everything. Correct. . . There's no patches. . This fills by mouth by GINA NASAL spray. . Spray interesting correct. . Is it just as effective show? ? We have to be very careful because if someone is young and they have a lot of eggs, , it's not it's less effective. . Why because? ? The shots are more aggressive food for the eggs and younger patients have lot of eggs to feed. . So they need more food. . So the pills is not enough they need addition to shots but women thirty five years, , and above it's as effective as the old conventional <unk> where patients plenty of shots <hes>. . That's so interesting and I told you I have a patient and Amazon me she wants to talk about experience about the. . Home Ivf because she get, , we sent to the house no shots just spilt and nasal spray and that we got a lot of eggs as she made four embryos and that's that's a lot I mean it's this is favor good. . So <hes> yeah it's effective and then how long can you freeze embryos for twenty five years? ? So it's good and bad guy, , and this is great question. . Let me tell you why it's good and. . It's bad. . It's good because nowadays, , some countries by some doctors are struggling with Beijing let's say you come to me ten years ago you've eggs and you at forty now you come to me after ten years. . Now you're fifty years old and you. . WanNa get pregnant with my own exodus froze ten years ago. . Some doctors have issues with that because now they think well, , what if something happens to you now you have diabetes and you know so we're GonNa be stuck in situations where actually have a patient I was doing a patient from Norway she froze her ex in Copenhagen ten fifteen years ago. . Now she's fifty one and they said we cannot use your eggs because getting you're pregnant at this age is dangerous. . But, , that exactly so I mean I love the fact that twenty five years but also. . Having Siblings Twenty five years apart. This . we it. . Let's say you do IV after they get pregnant and twenty five years. . Oh, , my my my brother is. . So. . There's a lot of things but last last part which is. . The great thing about freezing for twenty five years is that there is a lot of abandoned embryos what am I gonNa do with them right. . I mean some clinics in this country has adult fourteen percent of the embryos abandoned coupled who left Leftover Embryos And are gone and they're not being the freezing fees because they finish this they finished family. . So that's why when you go back to the conventional idea when you tell me, , I get tons of eggs but guess what kinds of embryos to that you're GonNa be stuck with for live. . So I won't vicious the thing that, , yes home ivf or gentle IVF or neither free IVF. . It's good effective at your to be stuck situation where you're going to be freezing fees for twenty five years for embryos that you might not need. . Right. . A lot of my consultations are bishops will finish their family and they just WanNa talk to me about what to do that embryo and I don't know what to say, , what are the different options, , throw it out, , give it to another couple or give it twenty such but

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