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Thanks. See I read the story about, you know, Ken adopting a dog at a meat farm. And the whole song was trust in me. Goes with the story. Just saying. You don't know. What songs they are? You don't doesn't click, but for some people some people does what he said, what do you call him? Bob. What are you saying? I'm saying people don't know that song that you just played Etta James, James. Entertains I know I don't know who all of her songs. Okay. Okay. Looking through the CD library. I'll narrate guys that aren't here actually one of that trust in me is one of the more popular ones. But her most famous one, which is my favorite is at last. I know that one I love that song. But we have a guest. My name is Mark. I'm Mark Florida. And Mark you're gonna take a guess these are the two facts one is ally. One is a truth. You gotta guess who's lying. Karen? What's yours? Mine is president Thomas Jefferson had a hawk named dick. And daisy mine is Lyndon B Johnson had a beagle named him. So who do you think is actually trying ally? Mark, do you think it's Karen or do you think daisies telling the lie because one of the? Normally. Normally, I would say daisy that would be like because I don't. So. Luke, bryan. He would have known that song, of course. But. I'm gonna I'm gonna take care. I just did they really call AMI A hawk name dick that just seems weird doesn't seem right. Yeah. I don't believe there was a hawk named dick. So you you think it was you think Karen was telling the lie. I would say. You're absolutely right. It was carrying the dolphin agrees. Karen was telling actually that Thomas Jefferson had a Mockingbird and he called a. It wasn't bad. Untrue was the dick part of. Dame for like the late seventeen hundreds. You know what I mean? That's why maybe that name started calling your mocking bird out the front door of the White House. Yeah. Out the back door. Burning. Could go on. That's for sure. So you're going to get a bottle. Sorry about that. You're getting a bottle of nutrients about us connects do you want the chicken soup for the soul? Or do you want the three DVD collection set of the adventures of champion, the wonder horse? Let's go with the DVD. You gotta come out to you. Thanks for playing with this. Mark. Thanks for talking about the Mockingbird. Yeah. Yeah. Anytime we can talk about dick. That's the great thing ended up. Product. Plug. It's tremendous older cats. Good. Good. Great. I appreciate that. And I'm sure the company does as well. So having nice night and enjoy your okay? Night. Take care. That's Mark in Tampa, Florida. Okay. Well, we just started like a week a couple of weeks ago on ten ten AM and W HFS and three of their FM dials as well. So they're calling in wonderful. But you know, you could call them, Richard. I know that's the thing. But it was actually dick. Unfortunately, hey, it is what it is eight four four three zero five seventy eight hundred number. Don't forget spay neuter your pets population. If you are looking to bring the pet into your life, you go to your local shelter.

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