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Tight rope there and about the forty six yard line of forty one against my goals to stay in bounds closes down on it's not that that's good improvisation but the quarterback and at wide receiver plays already over they extended the play get the first down good point chancel was under pressure he sidestepped a couple of defenders and in with the pass but it was great footwork along as near sidelined by calls for a first down also the forts got forty six yard line first down head up goes to Sturgis right society he gets a pass one defender and extends across inside the forty boy that's a rock Stewart is so tough to bring down very rarely does the first guy get a good handle on well the line the H. back up on the right side that time and and the greyhounds distance shipped Sturgis ran that ball right off the corner of the off of the defensive line and the quarterback had to make the play after seven your game we have an injured forts got the defender he's down on the ground being looked at by his trainer that is Jared Phillips a defensive back out of Saint Louis he's a sophomore he's down a near the near silent from the Butler bench ten nothing lead for the Grizzlies nine twenty seven to go here in the first half were in BG products veteran sports complex tonight the Grizzlies next home game will be the final home game of the season it'll be in three weeks on Saturday November ninth that'll be a seven o'clock kick off against the Garden City bronc busters city coach is one the last four games against the Grizzlies we expected Garden City to be good this year they'd better very slow start and so huts in Butler goes stumbled their toe in Garden City just yet coming from behind on you know Garden City one today at highland thirty seven to seven over the highlands gadis how about this score coach actions in today at home be Dodge city eighty five to three eighty five to three you know we thought we had parity in this league but I guess not completely and it's up to you with tough season for Dodge city there now an eight overall and five in conference play Hutchinson improved to seven one overall five in one in conference play in Garden City now six into overall three and one in conference play Garden City still gets to play Hutchinson that game will be out in Garden City in a couple weeks it'll be a good one Grizzlies will be keeping a close eye on that when you can imagine second down and three samples in the pistol running back behind him is Sturgis but as the ball is snapped whistle stop the play it again Sam so throws the ball down the field at a receiver he John Baptiste open but it's a non play Butler keeps looking for that the free down we're going to get one pretty soon our sights on fort Scott that'll be a first down so the Grizzlies would nine nineteen to go here in the second quarter leading ten nothing to get a first down on that penalty by fort Scott bald loosen the force got thirty four yard line samples in the gun running Baxter just to his left Qualls the reciever to the right but to use the receiver wide to the left play coming in from the sideline Los Angeles the H. back is let the line to know what the players here's a sampling first I throws it deep down the far sideline it is incomplete overthrown by about five yards in one of the deep men for fort Scott at the best shot at that intersection but was overthrown there was no there was double coverage on that play and would look like they're setting it up for one of those back shoulder phase because that was the fate route and both defenders were were deeper than the receiver that was Anthony Harris the defensive back he's out a Havelock North Carolina who had a chance maybe the interception does even overthrown past him that's the first time tonight at Sam's a looks like you just kind of from that pass up for grabs the mind of it done that on purpose second an intense Ansel throws in your site it is almost intercepted inside to thirty intended reciever we.

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