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Tap. It probably has done something terrible. CNN The ideas like people in these sorts of high powered influential positions won't get arrested and they're all either. Have to face military tribunals, because what they did was so evil, and so traitress that the civil courts will be good for them, and then they will, then the rest of us will see all the evil things that they were doing behind the scenes and We will enter into a new great grandma's new beautiful Utopian Age now that we've rid ourselves of all these evil elites. Alien Technology to. have access to alien technology be cures for diseases, and they'll be no more debt, and we'll be rich and Yeah, we'll just have peace on earth with as long as as long as lady. Gaga still running free. We just can't have that. I don't know I. Don't agree with a world without lady Gaga. I mean that theory is just so. It comes from an idea of everything right now is completely spinning out of control for people and to be able to see that. Steven Spielberg happy ending I think is why they wouldn't want Steven. Spielberg to write their story, but. It's. Very dangerous to put all of your eggs into this basket. Do you think that the trump administration is taking advantage of conspiracy theories to try to get people? Maybe it'd be like the storm can't happen until reelected so i. mean I really feel like they are definitely are aware of the Cunanan community and they aren't against. Encouraging them, or at least they aren't willing to do anything that would discourage them. because the problem is at the end of the day. To enough followers, they are basically this highly passionate digital street team for the trump administration, and if you are someone like you know, the White House Social Media Manager Dansk Gavino. This is something that you would consider to be a plus if you want to keep your jaw into the into the next year, and so at Dansk, Gavino actually has posted a couple of things. That's the sort of like that looked like a wink to Cunard community. Welcome was a meam that that showed it was photoshop picture of trump playing the violin as my next. My next piece is called. Nothing can stop with his coming, and this is a common phrase. Q. Says Nothing can stop was coming. Followers immediately recognized as as an that came from the community. The one was Dansk view posted a gift. That's TIKTOK. It was orally. TIKTOK said this again over and over again in a circle, and this is something that also accused says the ideas like well. The clock is running out on the ball and only a matter of time before they're all gonna come down, so and also trump himself has tweeted or re tweeted Cunanan on accounts I think over one hundred Sixty Times is oh my God. So. He even said store. He's even like in his speeches, said something about the storm, hasn't he? Like baited them a little bit. At one time, basically, the the whole idea of the storm comes from a time in the early October two thousand seventeen before you when he was doing a photo op with a bunch of Personnel in the White House. The press there and I wasn't the trump trump and said you know what this represents. entrusted what was represent. Is it maybe represents the calm before the storm and the the press said was store Mr that you talk about, he said. You'll see and it was very weird. It was very cryptic now my interpretation of that that particular that was that he was sitting there with the press, having his Co. taken with these military personnel, and he was very resentful of them. He thought he'd fuck with them a little bit this. Theory as seems more reasonable seems very A. trollers kind of nature, but Kulen followers believe that he was actually alluding to a mass arrests event that was carried out by the kind of military personnel that he was surrounded with at the time. So this is where the idea of the storm came from from this. We're offhand comment that trump made one time, and that is the Internet culture in a sense. Is People pick up things that? They attach themselves to. And then they become viral intricate pieces of whatever Internet philosophy they have. I did see something. I don't know if this was true or if it was Tim Erica Tim from Tim and Eric tweeted that the K. W. Miller for Congress twitter account was not real. Yucky W Miller. Miller's one of the Cunard. Congressional candidates use a independent running in Florida and he is yeah. He's quite a character. He's he's. He's A. He has a very allows for Brash Persona. EAT does Cuban on sort of a hashtags. and. Tim, Tim, heidegger. He He actually wound up interviewing K. W, and of this really kind of funny combative interview. On his show. Really Yeah. That thing is that event in order in order to basically troll k.? Tim heidegger while up, saying that this isn't real. This character I mate. He did that specifically to irritate K. W. Miller which was pretty funny. That's how that went down. It's just a metaphor for the Times that we're living in now. The the Post Truth Era I think is what you guys. Call it in your description for your show. We don't really know what's up and down left and right anymore. Do you think that living during these times Israeli making more people susceptible to falling into the queue rabbit hole, absolutely I mean there's actually a ton of evidence that one of the major accelerates for Q. on to. To get more people button to buy into it with was the pandemic as a consequence of the pandemic You know this is what extremely scary destabilize event,.

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