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The sixth real i live in geneva i'm looking to get to autographs by ted williams and joe dimaggio authenticated any suggestions where that might happen and what is it what does something like that cost to get those authenticate yeah so let me first talk about jordan is yo tied williams and mickey mantle those three from a top ten forgery lists are going to be on top three really now why why is that just the the demand or well there's always demand for them but don't forget they were frequent signers in the eighties nineties and so their shows and stuff right yeah and there are a lot of authentic lower grams but because they're they're worth a couple hundred bucks there's people that are forging those autographs and so there's a lot of bad ones out there if you were to get that authenticated it would cost about seventy five one hundred dollars for each signature okay and it may you may not be worth it because let's say i told him is your signed eight by ten photo is two hundred bucks two hundred twenty five dollars same for ted williams with a baseball you're looking a little bit more money now how how does one go so i come in if i have just a piece of paper with a signature that's probably worth nothing right but how how would you look at how would you look at this signature on a piece of paper or a baseball or something and what are the steps how do you go about it how do you go about figuring out if this is real now like with the baseball one before you said okay there was a clue because it was babe ruth he was dead feeney's on the ball that that's easy but if i've got something in the ball matches the timeframe and it's got mickey mantles name on it and it looks from all you know you look at it quickey go yeah that looks like mickey mantle how do you break it down to say yes this is the jit or now sorry you got sold a bill of goods so there are several things would be looking for the spacing in between the letters the height of the letters the slant and the tilt all these things go into making a determination something is authentic or not okay and then compare that information to what i would have in my database at home which are exemplary that i known to be benthic granted over time you're seeing change and so is my so it's not an exact science but that really is the way to look at those different things the height spacing the slant so it's kind of like when the fbi says they use a handwriting analysis you're you're basically doing the same thing similar but figuring out for sports signatures correct similar yeah three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the number if you have a question for michael chuck does he's near midway hi chuck hey how you guys doing good what are you yeah so i call it a team ball because i personally all signed by at many as the like i think it was either nineteen nine hundred ninety one chicago white sox players because mike get used to work security at publicity so i used to go to games all the time but the guy is there do we as a little kid whatever and the polls god thomas signed right above sammy sosa robin ventura bobby's jack mcdowell so i think it's it's either ninety or ninety one i mean a salsa whatever you think about it probably should be in the hall of fame i you know thomas is that you got ventura a ton of that time you know had the record for the most saves jack mcdollar cy young i never i never got it appraised or or graded psa or any or authenticity i mean i know it's legit because i was a kid and has signed it but i know that if i don't plan on getting rid of alkyl when when you got a lot of guys like those big named guys on that ball that would seem like it's worth something the key signature is frank thomas and that's good that it's on the ball it's from the nineties they did not win the world series you're looking at one hundred twenty five to one hundred fifty bucks tops not bad check thanks for the call do you have.

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