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Hello the you know the real i mean the better quality audio here's an here's something else that you don't know or you may know by now stuttering john says that he's been visited by the secret service they've come to his house you did not answer he said they've come to house looking for him in person he didn't answer no and the white house has said that they have already contacted senator menendez is office to discuss the matter if it didn't happen neither of those occurrences would be on the record neither the white house would not have acknowledged it would not have called senator menendez is office it just would have been some comedic gag and that would have been the end of it more wisely so important will just imagine if he had impersonated another world leader just imagine if the discussed some sort of policy or the president had reveal something which was classified in nature imagine if the president heard something that he was offended by then went to twitter and then responded in his impulsive emotional way does he not have handlers at all that that that siphoned through this stuff i don't know confirm things a we've had a number of heads of state on the line when i was working as a producer in various capacities it takes a long while and it's very difficult to get to any head of state there are a lot of handlers in between because they wanna make sure they can verify who you are the number the types of questions you're gonna ask doesn't matter if you're a senator or not it is very difficult and that right there should alarm every one it just so happened but it's way if a comedian has gotten through i don't believe that that is the only person who's gotten through who is not supposed to have this is the most kelly show kfi am six forty more stimulating talk the capital gazette shooting when we come back now michael shapiro has the news to cal poly pomona employees have tied after a stabbing on campus police say a public safety officer was found stabbed to death in his vehicle yesterday afternoon shortly after a report came in about a janitor attacking someone responding officers shot and killed the attacker he was later identified as a custodian at the school police said that they have no motive for the attack at this point protests across the country have been held to demand the trump administration reunite families and family separation and attention that the border with mexico families belong together protests in washington dc took place in lafayette square across from the white house sister marches happened in more than seven hundred cities and towns across the country including here in la you policy director of the national domestic workers alliance says the zero tolerance policy is trump's zero tolerance policy and he has ability to get rid of that policy at any time pastor thomas dixon who is a candidate for mayor of charleston has join protesters in front of the us customs house perfect trying to nobody's perfect but we still are going to get this job done whether you know it or not we got a job to do their job is one thing and one thing only right now to make america america again protesting the trump administration's immigration policies saying and he is outraged over the injustices coming out of the white house a possible trial from a deadly warehouse fire maybe shelved lawyers say a plea deal has been reached for two defendants charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the warehouse fire in oakland the fire broke out in two thousand sixteen and killed three dozen party goers at an unlicensed concert.

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