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It does for fifteen yards John was in coverage what the giants go up to the three girls are WFAN Daniel Jones touchdown pass to TJ Jones Gail Jones second straight solid preseason game eleven of fourteen for one hundred sixty one yards that touchdown no picks in the rookie quarterback spoke with our cell Palin twenty okay after the giants thirty two to thirteen victory over the bears that's why some ups and downs you're gonna take care of the ball I think is the first thing you know with the most affordable so a lot of abuse on the to focus on for sure but good good good to score some points there at the end and and yeah like last week a lot of things to learn from all things about awful not afraid to pull the trigger and you have a nice touch passcode Latimore down here and then your touchdown pass to TJ Jones describe the timing on the touchdown pass yeah I just had a just got a new one on one play there with with TJ and free to kind of get some space there at the end and not just the boss is a great play by Hammond and a great play by Cody to due to work on your pocket awareness obviously for that strips just just give me the ball I think you know hold it a little bit and and you know I just feel not get rid of the ball or make and break the pocket but they always seem to work when you're older says that there are you lies probably going to be the starter and you'd like to see you soon for the entire season how did that change your attitude approach this preseason and training camp I don't think it changes I mean I think you know my job right now is to to improve as much as I can to to take the right steps forward and and help this team win games whatever might whatever model is so yeah I think you're right I don't think it really changed but I guess I look for to improving look for to help the team.

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