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Door a us official basically said to them we are at capacity and so at this time they are not processing asylum claims north korea reportedly will allow inspections of its nuclear test site wanted shut down or respondent paula hancocks says the south koreans want to show that they're willing to cooperate in improving relations with the north south koreans as well say that they will dismantle that propaganda broadcasts speakers so that they're in keeping with this lack of hostile policy between the two they said this is part of their efforts to to try and show willing they that they want relations to improve a journalists were among twenty nine people killed in a double suicide attack in kabul afghanistan the journalist died when a bomber disguised himself as a tv cameraman he set off a second bomb at the site of an earlier explosion and blew himself up the first blast happened in an area of the city where the us embassy and afghan government buildings are located so journalists rushed to the scene and then the second explosion came as that attacker lord them into the second site and then he blew himself up secretary of state mike pompeo was in jordan today they're talking about the israeli palestinian dispute correspondent ben wedeman reports jordan has a different set of priorities iran in threat is posed as presented by the americans these readies in the saudis isn't necessarily felt so much here here their main concern is merely instability spilling over from syria into jordan this country has more than a million syrian refugees oakland county authorities are investigating after to oxford high school students were caught regarding a potential school threat found on social media for people have been taken into custody in detroit paintball shootings occurring over the weekend man was walking on a street when.

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