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Richard today frizz long you want to hear that entire interview is moved to donate the first six game checks from the season two on some scholarships down charlottesville but we talks the most of had some fun with them i would think it'd be gray we're here will came the resolution on espn radio have you came to the patch when a super bowl than your that annoying god the new team thirddown gazza now that would that's not the pathway now what we did new england it guys get around me tell us about bill still some i picked up along the way yet at provident go well chris long probably goes over well i think i wanna be friends with him like you do like you are how you do i didn't i didn't mean don't you have on me i am okay i got an at your friends on act he likes turtles simpson he likes chris dickson yeah he named sunway lien which by the way chris signed explore that because whelan's my number one oh my gosh when i say that it is almost insult to willie willie willie wayland i don't know either way and he said he would order at a bar shouted jack in a bud light now i'm a little fancier is at probably go with like a woodforde who would yeah case it down with a miller lite but i liked his kristaan guy and plus i think our politics it is very very similar that's where you guys might runs in trouble what ashley i dunno ryan i just went on his wicket pedia page mundigo says actually i want to get into this i'm just saying we could pedia would made me think maybe not i don't wanna get into labels i don't want to get into my politics ticked a sports bro i'm not doing this but i'm just saying his wikipedia page maybe not so far apart that blows my mind i don't know what's on his we competed pitch maybe it's wrong we'll have to go check it out hit.

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