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FM. 97 7 Coleman, whose time 10 31 It's 42 degrees. ART Sanders top local stories from the comb over 24 7 News Center. Governor James Lee says dozens more school districts across the state have signed up for the state's covert testing program about 50 more school district's or will now be participating in this volunteer program. Starting this month. We hope these numbers will grow. It is not necessary to get back to school, but it's a way to help build confidence. We're educators. Parents would like to have those confidence measures in place, he says. More and more district were able to reopen foreign person classes. But there are concerns from teachers unions. Some worry about the safety for older teachers and those with medical conditions. Turning out of the news numbers in our state's Corona virus outbreak. The Health Department's latest update shows 579 new cases for a total of nearly 330,000 since the pandemic started. 34 more people have died from Cove in 19, another 121 have been hospitalized. So far, the state's administered more than one million vaccine doses gain county follows Seattle considering requiring grocers to pay workers hazard pay. Due to covet, while one chain says it's forced to close stores come. Oh Soo Romero has more vulgar, which owns QFC says it's closing two stores in Seattle on Capitol Hill and in Wedgwood, due to the city's recent $4 an hour hazard pay requirement for grocery workers. Tiffany Sanders with QFC. We go bad. We're not in the business of clothing stores. We really do not want that to happen, but Stores were already struggling financially. But Sarah Charon with the grocery workers union, local 21 says Kroger is trying to keep other local communities from adopting hazard pay. Today's announcement by Kroger Too close to Seattle QFC S is a case of over the top greed and bullying and it shows how much how out of touch Kroger is with our community, she testified before the King County Council on its hazard pay proposal. Sanders says workers at the closing QFC stores will get the extra pay until stores close April 24th. C. Romero come on news. Landlords would have to work out repayment plans for rent debt less than six months and could apply for assistance under a bill, which would also provide state funded attorneys for writers who can't afford them. In. Bamberger.

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