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Film critic Terry Lee, join us with the preview of what the future may hold for some of twenty eighteenth biggest films with the nominations on Tuesday, celebrity watchers and Hollywood a listers will be holding there collective breath for the next several weeks before the winners are announced next month. Taking a look at this year's Golden Globe. And Critic's choice winners. Here's a peek into what may and I emphasize the word may transpire on the nominations are announced the award for best actor was split Rami. Malik one at the Golden Globes while Christian bale won best actor in a drama and best actor in a comedy at the critics choice awards. I'll handle energy military and foreign policy while Malik Annabel both delivered phenomenal performances. The website go derby has Bradley Cooper taking home the prize based on his performance in a star is born. Gonna take another look at you. And the best actress race lady Gaga is a leading contender. Followed by Glenn Close from the wife shouldn't leave my approval to right. Everyone needs approval child and a Livia Coleman of the favorite taking a look at these supporting roles Regina king will surely be nominated and is even favored to win for her role. And if Beale street could talk this. His. Followed by Amy Adams as land Cheney and vice and Emma stone and Rachel Weisz who both could be nominated for their roles in the favourite best supporting actor nods could go to Muhammad Salah Ali green book. Sam Elliott's a star is born and Timothy shallow may for beautiful boy when I try. So. Taking a look at the best director category. Some of the experts have this are pretty close race between a Fonzie Koran director of Roma and Bradley Cooper who made his direct to'real debut with a star is born. But Spike Lee who directed black klansman can't be counted out. And for the most coveted prize of all best picture, it appears to be another tight race between a star is born Roma the favourite and black clansmen the nominations Tuesday the awards on Sunday, February twenty fourth. I'm Terry Lee. A member of the broadcast film critics association for WWE J NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time one forty five..

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Terry Lee, Bradley Cooper, Malik Annabel discussed on 24 Hour News

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