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Is compared to the last few months of Arctic. He's naming. Greg valentine. My brother. Greg Valentine used to wear one of those shin guards dude. Hey, what's going on to while you got the shooting guard on what he turn backwards when you really wanna fuck up one of the other players on the team? Red arts wrestling, brother. That was almost the neck beard HOGAN, I crisscrossed them. It wasn't that. It was it wasn't a pad raw. That was the other thing it was all over the place. It was all over the place, but it was and, you know, I think it is being there it's just it's inherently more fun just being there while it's funny as I was going to say like it feels like it goes by quicker when you're there. And then. That I didn't feel that way. But no. That's that was before. I realized I looked at my clock and I was like, oh, fuck and thought we had twenty more minutes. I was doing the old in line and receipted dealer. I'd be like oh yeah. News. It's, it's already five twenty six. The show was already going on. And there was a, a feeling in the air of like when do we get out of here? It was fine. It was fine. But I mean it's bullet club's fine. Monday night Ross fine. So then Drake was Drake. Maverick is handing out wanted posters of our truth because he needs to get at twenty four seven title because it's the Jay Brown title, if you see him let Drik now if you see our truth say, our truth so then what outs. So then Sarah Logan comes.

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