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Is this thing approaches jumped in and helped each other New Orleans outside the hurricane warnings zone leading danger. Flooding back in the tri-state. When is it? Okay. For police to use a taser on a child that question has been raised ever. Since a Cincinnati police officer used a taser to stop an eleven year old girl who is suspected of shoplifting from the spring grove avenue. Kroger the review of that use of force has been completed. There have been several sustain procedural violations against the officer involved. There will be a pre disciplinary hearing convened regarding those police chief Elliott Isaac says the investigation into that particular incident at the Kroger is complete and he's been discussing the issue with council members on the law and public safety committee today. Several members of have said that they believe tasers should only be used on a child if their life or someone else's life is in danger council has also agreed today to revisit the issue in the coming weeks. Alison, why into News Radio seven hundred wwl w a Butler county woman admitting to leaving her dogs outside. In the cold weather without food, Melissa D Mico pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges after police found three dead dogs at her home in Saint Clair township earlier this year in January, and here's a reds update. News Radio seven hundred wwl sports events. Berg fired scored early and often against lefthander Cody read, and what I have to post two seven to three win over the reg in the second game of their three-game series. At Pittsburgh's PNC park. They got to read on the strength of three straight hits for running the first and then in the third they opened it up to a four nothing count, a two run devil by Gregory Polanco was a big blow and then made it chicks to nothing on a two run home run by Starling Marta in the fourth. It was a reg laws, but it wasn't because they're scooter Janette his last two at-bats. He hit home runs solo Homer in the seven and another solo home run in the eighth inning. The National League's leading hitter just continues to swing the bat. This is Marty Brennaman reporting relives though, tried to avoid the sweep in Pittsburgh tomorrow night. First pitch from PNC park..

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