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You sent Nick fury voicemail. I gotta go do not dose Nick theory. I was thinking about this. When I saw it. There's a lot going on there and anybody who wondered what are they going to do post in game? Well, there's a lot of explanation in a short amount of time. There really is. And it seems that we're dealing with a couple of different things the NC you without Tony stark and civically Spiderman without his mental without having Tony there. But also the suggestion of a multiple multiple this is a huge huge introduction. And it was hinted at in endgame where the ancient ones by the Swinton was explaining to hall like if you take time zones away, you're going to create alternate timelines, and and multi versus and this is something that's been done in the comics for years, but the movies haven't really touched on it yet. And if feels like if this is truly where they're gonna go that's part components going to introduce the verse because Jake most character mysterious. Is saying he's from another earth. Now mysterious in the comics lies all the time, and he's a master allusion. And it's very possible that he's making it up. But it also feels like this is the right time. The marvel universe to get into the multiples because that's a good way to bring in characters that they just got. Fantastic four even the X men if they wanted to do that if you're a Samuel Jackson fan Nick fury fan, and you liked all the screen time. He got in captain marvel and you didn't like what he got in this recent endgame, all of a sudden there is I mean, he's a huge part. Obviously this next Spiderman movie he really is. He's gonna be the one who gets by men involved in this action apparently after endgame and the loss of Tony and everything the Spiderman had to do he just wants to break. You went to hang up the super low while and enjoy being a kid, and no sooner does the arrive in Europe on a class trip with all of this friends that we met and homecoming, but here's Nick fury luring him back into battle and telling him he needs help with these elemental creatures one based on water one based on fire a version of San man. And this is when we went to us, this movie is very much a Spiderman Knicks Jerry team up, and they really liked the dynamic of how different Nick fury is as a mentor to what wasn't. Coming. So I'm curious to see how that plays out when we knew January first of twenty nineteen the two biggest movies of the year. We're going to be avengers in game and the Star Wars movie, the rise of Skywalker. We know now. And I thought it was interesting this week Disney unveiled the plans post December and they're pretty elaborate. They really are. And it's going to mean, we're getting a break from Star Wars after the rise of Skywalker. And personally, I think that's a smart idea. They need to let people miss these movies for a little while they become big events because I think the next one that's coming on the schedule after after twenty nineteen which is the rise Skywalker is going to be twenty twenty two. And they got about the fact that they're going to be starting. Well, I don't know there's three Star Wars released a announced, but I don't know if that means a trilogy of films, or if they're going to be three disconnected solo individual movies, not Consolo, obviously but individual stories, but we have until twenty twenty to sort of figure that out. So yeah, here it is. I got the actual schedule in front of me right now. After this coming December. He won't see another Star Wars movie until December sixteenth twenty twenty two. And then you'll have one in two thousand twenty four at the end of that year and December eighteenth twenty twenty six and in between the stores movies every December you're gonna get an avatar. He's going to have December cornered between Star Wars movie than avatar movies. And when it's not December, they'll have marvel movies in theaters. So thanks to Disney will have talk about the next ten years. Yeah. Collectively merry Christmas to us. All now, you mentioned avatar that leads me to my next question. This was a big deal yesterday around the movie and entertainment world because James Cameron who has long been the king of Hollywood movies because of two movies Titanic and also avatar he tweeted yesterday a picture of what looks like an adventure shaped iceberg toppling, the Titanic, and he says to Kevin and everybody at marvel an iceberg sank, the real Titanic took the avengers to sink, my Titanic. Everyone. Here at light storm entertainment, salute your amazing achievement him shown that the movie industry is not only alive, and well, it's bigger than ever signed James Cameron, and really blow my mind in this industry. But one that that is always sort of floored me still to this day is that James Cameron owned the top two spots at the box office, and that he owned them with, you know, non franchise, but panic avatar avatars going to be a franchise. But when it came around totally original property, some based on some Venditti created that is staggering that one filmmaker could own the the number one and number two slot. Now, the funny thing about this Titanic message that he sends I don't know why he didn't just wait. Avatar also because I really do believe that this movie is going to to do that it's past two point one billion two point seven avatar. So I wonder if and when that happens if it has another message plan avatar, and wait and see avatar two three four or five becomes the movie that comes on and topples endgame, but I don't think that's going to happen. So opening today. Pokemon Pokemon is still a thing detective Pika CHU is that how you pronounce it Pok Mon thing because people still play it on their folks that that put him on kgo game. And and obviously it's a huge global property and what they did. But this one is they took Pika chew and put him into a detective tika chew story, which apparently the popular video game. But then they they can't Ryan Reynolds be the voice of of Pika chew. And so you get a lot of key g rated Ryan rental. Humor. You all know that you're not getting that necessarily. But you're getting a family comedy that opened up this whole new world of that loaded with digital Pokemon. Yeah. You got to believe when he's playing this part? He's got remind himself. Okay. Which one am? I here. I gotta make sure that I play into the right? Exactly. Yeah. Or be careful because if these kids like and Ryan Reynolds, they wanna say what else is he in. Well, come back to me with that question. Few years. Mcconnell cinema bland dot com. So much happening and getting set for a for a big summer at the movies..

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