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Well i've had a lot of interests over my life but i just know that our city and county here our strangulated on our freeway so i've become interested in trying to figure out what can be done to improve that and the county is doing a study of major study they've done major studies over the decades and nothing seems to get done very much but they have come up with recommendations in those studies to do bus rapid transit and i'm hoping that the currents that he will come out with the universe showing that it's actually a good way to go to what is bus rapid transit bus travel it has unpleasant attributes to it you know you get on a bus it stops almost every block it stuck in traffic like the cars are in congestion people don't like the two right on the buses so in chiba brazil in the early nineteen seventies the mayor whose name is jaime lerner had was faced with the problem that his city was large and growing and everybody told him a city your size needs to have a subway he looked at the cost and said we cannot afford to build the subway we're going to do the best we can with improving bus transit so he redesigned the city plan so that there was a street a main street going in and out of the city that had a bus lanes only for buses they built special bus stations designed by they were built like glass tubes with the floor of the bus station at the same height as the floor of the bus so when the bus arrived the doors of the bus would open the doors of the tube but open people get off get on just like on a subway they didn't have to line up at the front of the bus and pay for their ticket because they bought it before they got into the tube and it made everything fast they put the station's far other parts of their went these stops every block or two and it made travel much faster it was very popular and over the decades.

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