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Turns first for severe Weather Channel nine meteorologist rusty mccranie. I'll have much more on a warm week ahead coming up. Good afternoon, I'm Kevin refuse mid eighties. Today's we take a look at the interactive radar. It is. Definitely hot out there. A couple of pop-up spots seen far south Osceola county. But besides that we are pretty dry out there. Eighty six degrees in downtown Orlando right now eighty four if you're at the attractions more Dana show in four minutes. But as we continue our coverage today, at least one person is dead following a double shooting off north John Young Parkway in Kissimmee city police say it happened just before midnight yesterday when someone anonymously reported shots fired around he'll in person street around the same time, they say two men showed up at a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds, and while they can't say for sure that these the same guys is reported earlier, it is likely one man died the others in stable condition. And they're waiting to hear from him on what exactly went down. Daniel Vargas, news ninety six point five db. We've now learned the identity of the victim. He told you about those stabbed at the seven eleven on south OBT and thirty ninth street. Police identifying it's forty six year old Roderick Caesar was found with stab wounds was chess there later died at the hospital a Fifty-three-year-old person of interest being questioned in that case, and if HP investigating a deadly crash, they're calling an unfortunate accident a woman runs over a boyfriend near pine hills. Just after three o'clock this morning, I say twenty four year old Kevin sing and his girlfriend were driving from a friend's house. When he asked to get out of the car. We don't believe that there is any kind of altercation. Lieutenant Kim Montas tells me the girlfriend kept going down the road, but turned around to look for him. Then felt her car run over something sing was later pronounced dead at the hospital. We do not suspect that this was an intentional act. We just believe that this was a unfortunate crash that occurred after she tried to look for him. The twenty one year old woman is cooperating with investigators and has not yet been charged with a crime Katrina scales. News ninety six point five WDBO about this Papa John's offering unique type of tossed to its employees in a news release. The company says they partnered with Purdue University global.

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