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I saw from keith lee. I don't follow him on social media like that but there was a post that he put out there where he talked about how you know. He hears everybody. You know he he. He's reading the comments and he pretty much was saying good things. Come to those who way just taking it one step at a time. Trust me. i'm going to be back in. That rang bigger and better than before. You just have patience you know. Keep keep in basically keep hope allows pretty much his message and everything. Like unless we're doing this with damian priests because we're essentially going to be reintroduced keith lee. I'd be okay with that. If we're having damian priest continued to be involved with was joe or no ms mo ms mo we're continuing the have him the incorporated with these guys you know. I hope that's the payoff is that we're going to ultimately see We're gonna ultimately see you know. There's been a lot of speculation too as as far as what's going on With keith way. I i mean i hate dealing with speculation of always been one of those type of guys you know i. I really hate speculation. I would rather just deal with the facts. And was fact is that we haven't seen him on. Wwe programming for several weeks Couple of months down now in that process He officially You know pop. The question to mia yelm. She said yes. Oh you know. They're they're engaged. They're going to get married on me. That's great but outside of that we could use the brother so hopefully. That's what's going to be happening soon. Fourth matchup of the ny lucia house party cedric alexander. You like how joe's blazoned through two so far and i gotta say we're actually doing. Pretty good am actually being kind of Mindful of the time right. Now we're we're we're doing pretty good. We're doing pretty good Fourth matchup tonight lucia house party taken on. Cedric alexander shelton benjamin defeating cedric alexander in shelton. Benjamin bear with me a second here. Let me just crank this up a little bit. Yeah we go that think that yet. That's a lot better. I was so. I believe this is now owned four or five as far as defeats that shelton benjamin cedric alexander Have faced you know you're looking at this and you're just going What the fuck post-match cedric alexander grabs microphone cuts one hell of a damn good promo Strong is promo in recent memory and talks about you. Know what the hell do we. Just keep squandering away These opportunities how many has been now posts the hurt business and we keep coming up short and he pretty much decides now you know what as far as the weak link goes in hurt business. It was never me. It was actually you know what. I'm not gonna waste another second with you brother. I'm done. I'm done being part of this whole tag team with you so really damn good. Promos really really. As far as should i say go out of your way and check out. I would say. Go out of your way and check that out if you could. Maybe find out somewhere on you to post match..

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