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The ESPN app. Twelve seventeen to go in this national championship game. Sean McDonough Todd Blackledge at the booth Holly. Roll the infant sevens on the sideline. Alabama three times in the second half in good position to score. And they still have not scored since the break. It's forty four to sixteen in favor of Clemson as the Clemson defense held on fourth and goal from the two. And who are we talking to question, perhaps the greatest coach of all time? But I'd have to question the coaching took a long time to get those plays in that was a strange play. Call design run outside by two tunnel by lower. And it was almost like they felt like they needed to try to trick. The Clemson beats on that fourth down play. I agree on all counts. They took too much time. They weren't able to get the ball in the end zone. And they went to a trick play on fourth down still down by twenty eight now decide to run as much clock as it can on first off neurone nine it is Adam choice like you slip. He took the handoff dropped for a one yard loss. Back at the eight yard line. They had gone forward. Alabama on Ford down nine times lawyers who say they don't get the fourth down to go for it very often and win every game. They were four out of nine coming in. They've gone forward. Six times on fourth down tonight failed on the last three. I just think they're in such uncharted waters. Is the team that's been ranked number one all the way through the season. They had their way with their entire schedule. They only trailed significantly at all one time that was in the SEC championship. Seconded eleven Lawrence using all the time. They stabbed to Alabama glitzy launch throw. And it's too far down the far sideline for sprinting. The Andrei Overton look like he had a little bit of rule near the thirty. But the ball out in front of him. Excuse me. It was very on Kendrick the intended receiver. So here's third down at eleven. Clemson started one for three on third down.

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