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We're talking about Devin Leary who starting the most recent season was considered he was at NC state. He was considered one of the better quarterbacks in the country and then he got hurt and the whole season came undone. So I think with Cohen, he's got a chance to be at that level. I mean, we'll leverage right now he's considered one of the best prospect. The schedule is really complimentary. I don't think you could it's quite frankly when you look at ball state eastern Kentucky in Akron. I mean, that's one of the most inauspicious beginnings I've ever seen at Vanderbilt is your first real test and then Florida, Georgia. I mean, Kentucky's got a chance to get really a really fast start. You know, they do have Alabama. In November, that is a really intriguing game. It comes in a bad time for Alabama. Not a great time for Kentucky either after Tennessee and Mississippi but it's a really, I don't like the beginning of that schedule because it's just hard to maintain a lot of momentum. However, I do think it does set up well for a new quarterback making his first trip around the SEC. Ryan is up next in Illinois. Hey Ryan, hey, Paul, first time caller. I just had a few questions about Alabama basketball. Sure. I just wondering for the semifinals that Alabama's going to probably be up against Tennessee. I was wondering, do you think they have to be Tennessee to get in the tournament? Well, I think what Alabama is facing this week more than anything is the number one seat overall. I don't think they can get that right now. I think that may have slipped away the other day, but you win three games here and somebody else Houston, UCLA, you see, you know, who knows what's going to happen during conference tournaments, but I think Alabama is pretty well guaranteed a number one seed. They'll play next week and Thursday and Saturday in Birmingham, which is a tremendous advantage for them. Darren is up next in Missouri, hello, Darren. My question is, I'm Missouri. Do you think they are going to get hurt from the double by? Or that's going to help them, which is a streaky. You know, you don't know who's going to show up. It's a good question. But I think when you're Missouri, not to extoll any more preys on getting escapes and he's already gotten, but he deserves it all. I mean, that's such an amazing accomplishment when you consider how chaotic this program has been in recent years. Thank you very much for the call. Mark is up next in Tuscaloosa, hey mark. Hey, Paul, how you doing today? We're doing great. Thank you. Hey, you remember, since you're a Nashville, you remember country boy Eddie used to do a little something like this here and call. Oh, sure. Yeah, no, I remember any well. Well, hey, I wonder if you don't mind, I want to do a little trip to the woman that died and took to lose and to, you know, you're right there in Nashville and country music and this won't take just a second and I think it'll mean a lot to the people of your show. That's okay. Give it a shot. Okay, thank you, sir. No, that was memorable. Dan is up next. Hey Dan, go right ahead. Thanks, bob. Don't even know what this possible you can even go there, but I think Brian Kelly has got into Nick Saban's head. I really do. You know, I didn't. I think it started with when he was out. Coach. In the last ball game without you and Alabama. And it goes to the other coaches, you know? They replaced their coaches. That's hard for me to, I mean, I appreciate your sentiments. We've been hit three hours another hour to go. We are live in Nashville. Thank you for listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. The Paul fine bomb show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern.

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