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Was it Tesla's podcast. He said it. He said it. So you have to take what he said, but I can't imagine that that would actually happen. I kind of like more now if he's just messing with everybody. Yeah. He said it was very close competition. Sturgis had a better day this week. I believe they moved Aguire up to the first team for the first time in a while, and he missed three kicks interesting concept because at the guy misses the game winning kick, you can't bring in the other guy because the game's over. Air point and argue that. And if you're going back and forth, and then the other guy misses a kick and you go back to the other both now your own two. And here we are again the same place. We are every fan there. With the chargers I wanna I think there is an open question about what Anthony lens going to be like as a head coach because he definitely had some game management issues last year versus second year headed off of this terrible run first philosophy that was going very poorly form. You have to give some credit for pillow. Absolutely. He can win five and then they, they were better offense. The rest of the way Ron Rivera had like three or four who's to say the Anthony, Lynn can't have a few. Here's the number one reason. The doubt the chargers is basically eight road games and then a kind of road games then they don't have a real home field. Pretty big disadvantage that not many people talk about much. I'd rather have no home field than no quarterback. Finally, here in the news, it is one of the more polarizing debates in recent memory in the tyrod Taylor has been in the league for what seven years now, something in awhile, and we've always just call them tyrod. In fact. His fantasy name. It's a bit of a winking nickname, but Tigard that's what people call. So ties main setup. Two times of the bit ties tie. Now we're being told, and even the talk ties, not Thai Thai ta. The Browns VP of communications says that it's tyrod Taylor to write to rod where you want to where the emphasis put the put the HARA on rod Terada, Tara Taylor. Emphasis on rod, Greg, this is ridiculous. He's been in the league way too long. All of a sudden just start changing his name. Why didn't he correct this in the beginning he didn't Haro. His defense was a team mates that started bringing this up. He's never said one word about Herod. Now this is here controversial because his mother came out and said, it's actually tyrod. His mother calls him tie. Well, what's that's confusing? Moore's meantime, did a great feature who. I'm to get her on on this podcast. Come on, come on and join us Meena. She called his age and his father, and they both call them tyrod and they both said tyrod. This is a way how about the Browns VP communication sits down and just be humble and let let tyrod live this. There should be a long form on this. I want to answer. Well, let company wide Email telling us what the official pronunciation is and they're going with ta well pussy. That's I don't. I don't accept it. That's what you think what, but the VP of communication literally responded to Mark Isto who does who's we were great, hung out also a champion on the shield softball team. Yes. Shannon builder, two thousand sixteen beat Peter. John Baptiste who you'll see in the meetings and hard knocks meeting with the coaches and kind of preparing them for press conference. He is that VP. He literally responded to Marcus dick who sent out that company wide Email about Terada pronunciation, and he wrote stop the madness. Tie is fine if you call them either. I asked him yesterday how he introduced. On NBC NBC Sunday night football, and he said, tyrod. So there you have. So this Nagy over again, though it is like anything's acceptable, which is going to be a major problem. He's the senior VP. So that might have been him actually. And so we our move. So we got no answer. I think we go in situation. We need to have tyrod or Terada on both of them to come on your role. I mean, he's waffling a little bit here. Let's let's move. That's what's happening in the news. Let's get into the games and let's start. Yes, on the throne of ease. Shut too..

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