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When he threw forty eight does down which was at the time. He went fifteen he will what fourteen into oh. Tom Tom, Tom Brady. What did he go? Tom brady. Wait a second. You give Tom Brady or drew Brees these weapons, Kelsey and tyreek ready AMI Wyatt. He had random off one young with Welker one team with fifteen fifty touchdown what fourteen to fifty five fifty four hundred. Yeah. Was weapons. Okay. To you. Top-rated never had weapons skill. But he didn't thousand seven I was one shot. Okay. And we're getting nowhere. What would you got Lupo got a zoo boat? Yeah. Well, you only go team bullets day Boeing with two minutes left. He scored the fourteenth point should a stood up. Hold on should stood homo. How you go from scoring thirty seven a game. And then you get to the Super Bowl the biggest age. Militate devious only Gable when they give up give seventeen. They gave a seventeen point what happened to that defense Tom Brady handed that defense a fourteen to ten lead with four minutes left with to Tom Brady is that. Hello. You're not even within field goals liking. I got the goat about Holo, then, but you had to you. Call the big go low. Okay. You case capital G. Yes. And I can't give a fourteen fourteen points out here, and why wouldn't Bill check be able to stop ally. Man, seventy my name you ought to be ashamed. Wildcard team dementia question they were on a wildcard room. What wildcard wouldn't that? Do. What would they go that your nine and seven I know how can you let a nine and seven offense do that to you team points cost you Super Bowl bell? Check cost him another Super Bowl if about. They go to hold a jazz to seventeen point. They're going to run away. We'll beat them like thought if I seventy who drove the ball eighty yards and like ten play. I wanna know why I had fourteen. Even in the game. Well to John's even indicate they're good. They're low on to go defense. So if you go why with the luckiest past well, you do that. Then we were having a good conversation. We started out twenty nine hundred courteous ads the courtesy, and then you had to ruin it. I think a lot of people believe drew Brees should be the MVP. But I grew with you. The kid will will win it. You bet. Oh, you don't want to give me a chance to get my do bag. Just give it to you not giving it to me. Although you say when you talk about do with pig too. And I lost will that was your fault my fault. But you're the front runner the whole year. I was the one who kept bayton his desk day and wait a second. I've been I've been on the homeboy you have and in the measure questionnaire. Now, we got an opportunity CDs guy who go head to head poop perform better. Tom Brady, Patrick. No. I'll tell Joe guy. I guess my guy. Tour todd. Against the worst defense in the history of college football, you're taking credit for that. I'm just trying to figure. No, no seriously. Here's twenty eight to nothing early in. The you got the best quarterback the best quarterback in the history of the game. In college football. You got. This top five defense. And then what happened? Oh, a what after about two more quarters Quinny waves as wave into the silent thanked me out. I can't chase him. A big lead. Like that. If the if the yarns nothing really three hundred the game was when the game was seven nothing. Onside kids. You're never got within to score thinking about. Thinking about Linda, how do you carry the worst defense in the history of college football to that that's a Heisman Trophy? You know, what happens is that? When you get when you get a seven nothing and you now seven nothing three now, Neil. And when he was fourteen nothing you go three or now. And the other NFC wildcard game..

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