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Of America dot com they had against Russell Wilson I just can't do it I want to because I like the Niners and I'm going maybe this is where we see the shift there's a new team in the in the NFC west but as long as the sea hawks have Russell Wilson I got a role with them nine times out of ten eight to ten times out of ten well I mean it's hard to go against him considering like everything seems to go wrong at different times throughout the course of the Seahawks season and it's like you know great quarterbacks franchise quarterbacks one that you pay forty fifty million dollars a year to those the guys that make it work even if they don't have a great offensive line I don't have a great running game they don't have great receivers they you know it's it's it's the quarterbacks to sort of get propped up by a great offensive lines great running games great players around them that are kind of fools gold type franchise quarterbacks Ross Wilson the real deal because he's been able to win despite at times I have a great office of why not having all the pieces and if you have to begin this year because there's literally citing guys off the street they're literally setting the running back room from five years ago Robert Turbin Marshawn Lynch they're they're gonna be without Duane brown for the next couple of weeks at least so it's it's another year where Russell Wilson I have to do a lot of it by itself and on the other side for hunters have some injuries but it you know in terms of grovel having full stable of of receivers in terms of the running game the offense of line like Dave for that is going to have all the pieces in place and that's why for me it's kind of hard to pick if the forty Niners they've kind of been the the even though it's in Seattle this they've just bear the cream of the crop of the NFL this year they're so good so balanced offensively defensively I think the four daughters gonna win this division and and get in on the number one overall seed in the NFC in our defense travel that's one thing you know that you can look at the forty Niners there six and one on the road this year and that you know defense you don't have to worry don't worry about whether it's loud or not you know you just go get the quarter back right that's what they've been really really good at just the kind of let everybody know what's going on and what is at stake next Sunday you've been nine is get the number one seed in the NFC if they win souls real simple they when they get a bye home field throughout that Seahawks need the Packers to lose one of their final two to earn a by a cannot finish with the number one seed and right now the Packers trail the Vikings ten mistakes right before the end of the of the first half in seven seconds left and the the Packers are right there on the doorstep at the two yard line so that's a quick update on what's going on on Monday Night Football there let's hear from Russell Wilson because he knows that they still have a chance to win their division the good thing is you know we have a chance of winning a C. west as the reality that's the truth the truth is we have a better too as well so both of those things are are are are are real and you know I I don't think there's any anybody better than us to be able to figure out how to how to answer back I'm in a golden along fat are attempting you're listening to Freddie in Fitzsimmons on ESPN radio ari how much state do you put in experience because obviously the Seahawks and Russell Wilson have a ton of experience being in this situation and you know just playoff experience I don't I don't think experience matters I don't know I mean I I like to me the one sport that it does and as that it's Baird self out as the NBA where it's like it's just hard to win with young team to the NBA you see they have to take their lumps of everybody goes through it Madonna's been going through it now and perhaps this is the year they break through but like that to me is the one sport that really seems to this acetate experience I don't think football is that kind of a sport I I don't you know I don't I just think there's so much in terms of the game like I coaching matters and football more than any other sport I think because of that you sort of take away the the the the potential for you know experience battering these games were as if you just get your team prepared away your schemes are right you you kind of you know if you have advantageous came to take advantage of it at the team's deficiencies I think you're okay you enough time to worry about the fact that you're an experienced well let me ask you this name who have the co teenage in that match up the forty Niners and the Seahawks okay I think Pete Carroll's a great coach but I I take how Shanahan because he just has a role in right now and I you know it we heard for Brady Henderson who covers the Seahawks your city that really wants to run the football and yeah he mentioned that you don't have to you don't have to run the ball effectively or at all in order to establish play action like that's the whole thing there's no correlation whatsoever between running the ball effectively and the the ability to get teams divided plaques thereby anyways like full live actors going to bite on play action even if you have on the ball all to the good times but last year the Seahawks play the cowboys and and AT T. stadium in the wild card round and like they win that game of that run the ball as much as they did it seems like there are times where you know you've got a a coach that's forcibly take ball away from the quarterback but it was Brian Schottenheimer last year so maybe things a little bit different but but I give the edge here shot and that's not again IP Carol his his resume speaks for itself is a fantastic coach I just think at times with modern tried the NFL and I just think it's time they they they run the ball far too much especially the talent level of Russell Wilson it will when you speak of running the ball they talk about you know Shanahan's running his system you know where we go when it comes to running the ball like amazing and they do a great job of doing that so I'd definitely like that like have a have a rolling but to to the point of experience and I agree with you the players have an experience might not matter as much in football but I think the coach having experience matters a whole lot MP Carol's been battle tested you've been battle tested so I'm not worried how should I take your point now not right right you know so in if if things are close I'm actually more confident in Pete Carroll been able to stay calm and and you know pulling off his previous experience where Jenner handle get there and go you know does the stick with what god a mayor does he get queue and try to do a little extra for that for that reason I'm Rowland with Carol do you think they should have will be composed enough in this matter to me even in the playoffs yeah and and you know it's funny because we spent last hour we talked a little bit about the rest rust thing with Baltimore in this is I mean obviously comma discussion that that we have and everybody has it that this part of the season so what's happening in the atmosphere and I was really cool because you you basically have situation go in week seventeen were everybody still has to play their way into not the playoffs but into their situation so like that's the best you can hope for is not even have to have a discussion about rest versus rust because you've still got play the player to play yourself in the first or second seed yeah Monday Night Football Minnesota Green Bay there they have Minnesota leads tan said nine and we'll get an update on that Monday Night Football match up your listening to Freddie in Fitzsimmons on ESPN radio and ESPN at in the morning party to a whole new level with the parties miss America podcast goes.

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