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I wonder if that's what the pine tar thing was with. Protest with George Brenton NATs. Why it did wonder if that's evidence of a protest actually leading to them having to come back to twenty days later and finish a game? That'd be awesome. If I kinda would I'd sign off on that come to think of it. All right. It's more football more sports for us. Yeah. It's just that is an insane insane play. But a rule was instituted because of that. Yeah. You can't fumble the ball forward. Right. So I I still can't answer the question of where the tuck rule came from. But in the meantime, a hard right turn into the world of NHL hockey, and sort of I went to the game a couple Saturdays ago with John Claude van Damme. Schick took him out to see our our Pittsburgh Penguins on the wrong side of things with the LA kings. But I didn't know happening at the time, but snoop Dogg also was in attendance that night and he went up to the broadcast booth and he called a little hockey. Do you want to hear some of that too? I do. New guy. Dare go. Get you back watch it back there. It is right behind his back. Trying to slide in way ride in up against a wall picnic against knees. Is right. The pass inside outside. Quick retrieve the puck slow that down. Hold it down. Power play not affect wow. Not bad. Get some money. Come late. Can he do my way? Don't eat Doty. Don't that's my dome. Run. The weeds remain weak. Get there. Get in their watch your back. Turn it around get there. Job. Don't he pays give it back to? The. Now. You couldn't do he couldn't do radio. It's not descriptive enough. But when you're like people, that's the thing. They always say is the radio broadcaster like.

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