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Great day to be an American isn't a oh wow we actually have an adult president in office he doesn't golf every day during a pandemic what what I can and can't believe it he doesn't he doesn't golf while people are dying he's busy trying to get vaccines to everybody loves what he's trying to get everybody a stimulus package of an extra fourteen hundred each every American what what is going on with Heat he joined the Paris Accord again what He started signing executive orders to lift the ban on transgender in the military. What? He signed executive orders to go ahead with the proper ways to combat climate change. What? What is going on here? We actually have an adult who's actually in the White House who wants these GOP long it takes to be held accountable. What? and listen lady G I know you're going to try and delay for Merrick Garland because you're afraid for your little boyfriend Donnie Donnie dead kid who's got the freaking emails of you picking up your underage male escorts we know lady Grandma we know how long you can keep on kissing that fat diaper reading or ingest oh you want Lady G because your boy is going down Cyrus Vance Sdny Tish they're not going to let this big dotard get away with any of his bullshit ain't happening is not happening. Let me just start to show by saying hi to everybody cat shorty One. Nicky be my moderator the very beautiful Nikki be I hope you're almost done with chemo to see you in person. Shorty one, Diane Brazil. Sixes r i p Dustin Diamond Screech. Also Jamie tarses the ABC executive r i p Bettina who else we got stage dog mark p with the beds Julie Swenson with the badge Sean Stokes John Dev Kim Rogers Cherry H. Jese Diane Ryan. Was that you I got a I got a phone number of PayPal donations. I want to thank Jesse Diane. I want to thank fudgesicle 2018 $50 dude. Thank you, man off Sixers. thanks for the 13 bucks thanks for wearing a t-shirt with an intact caller today thank you guys I know look you know I get that my t-shirt to look at old lady I get I like this one though my mom is here who else we got good as gold my loyal loyal friend and follow-up Papa puppet with the badge Myers here Kenneth thought oh boy JP Martha Selena Sean still same I just might as well tell you what I tell everybody else at 2:30 today I'm doing a call with the post I might have another article out in the post this week so look out for it it's about how the dotard Made being a journalist hard because because of all the lies he told so, of course they want me because they know I'm outspoken on this subject and they know I can't stay in the do Todd again. Let me just put that PayPal up again. There. It is Paypal. Me slash John Melendez Inc. I had a great phone call with I did house Parks his show for a tutorial then he called me after I got to be honest. I was falling asleep. It was too much t m I am too much information all at once it was freaking killing me. It was so much information. But I love you how williams of all a nice t-shirt John. Let me tell you how I got this t-shirt. It's so funny. I'm on a plane flying back from a gig. So I start talking to the passenger next to me. Nice dude after American dude start talking to him. I who gave me the 20 Sherry Lynn off for the $20 Super stick the very very generous very nice. I appreciate it. Cuz the cut off is coming up on the 11th is the cut-off, you know, that's when they figure out how much they're going to give me and I need the money cuz houses I am I have to get a new camera. So so it's about 600 bucks for the camera shorty one was listening to when Tom C punched his suit John with his creature on that generally got on the down-low obviously did I was watching with my neighbor's kid's? Yes the other day we were watching some great great segments of when you know, Gary always thought that he can somehow, you know, get me wrong. But everytime he tried I would turn it around on Gary before you knew it. We were all goofing on Gary It's the funniest thing funniest thing. You'll ever seen classic Stuttering John. I turn it right around on Gary before long. Know what I have Howard laughing his ass off at me goofing on Gary about Gary's wife is playing tennis. And it was awesome. How would love that about me? I could it doesn't matter who comes at me. I'll turn it around on him. I'm too smart for him. That's why I'm trying to get somebody to debate me any of these right Wingers. I don't care if it's my buddy, Nick DiPaolo any of these right wing guys who want to watch em on and debate me anytime chest flexor easier Rock and Mom three. Yeah good as gold. I'll post it to everybody on patreon off and on YouTube. And there's my mom. Okay, we have a great show today. We got the author of hiding in plain sight Sarah kendzior on today. We got David Yankovic and we also offer. All of our favorites Gregg Rolie are on the program today, so it's going to be great. So and there is one subject that we're going to cover and I'm sure we all know which I doubt is. And that is this lunatic Marjorie Taylor Greene. Okay. Now she spoke on the.

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