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Trump on and on and on and on but sean spicer says that assad wasn't even as bad as hitler because hillary didn't drop sarin gas quotas on people all my goodness he should apologise he should clarify what you meant somebody of his authority really are you familiar with the term the night of the long knives united along nice took place from june late june two early july nineteen thirty four win the nazi regime carried out a bunch of executions designed to help consolidate his power the night of along nice do you know who david ignatius as david ignatius is a washington post calmness and here he is likening the behavior of one of the trump aides to the night of the long knives i do not make this up listen to this but david let me ask you this all this intrigue right now because again kushner the soninlaw of donald trump all these people who are fairly well respected in washington the of course her obviously hates christie because christie prosecuted his father back in two thousand five none of this seems to me to have anything to do with how well donald trump can staff up an administration is this good advice that he's listening to well i think there is a set of neither the long knives uh quality is this good trump team source said it was going to be a top was gonna have the president elect's ear what like night long knives what hitler did how about former mexican president vicente fox with this former mexican president said they fox's spoken as president who's driving events and mexico's president finds himself a prisoner of them the launch yes oh jeez if you own a gun route three age good remind me a us in business you hello anybody say anything reminds me of hitler addressing the nazi party not a problem howard dean former chair the dnc is a complicated guy appoints a reasonable referring to uh steve bannon person is much more concerned that i am but for somebody can talks into his chief of staff and then the seared rises the nazi and what know is interesting senior advisor the nazi not a problem anybody say anything in a problem with that are you kidding me why we have a problem with that he's f earthy nazi chris matthews at the inaugural check this out.

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