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All $200 million guaranteed happen in a contract because as it is right now, it costs another team in order to do that to first round picks, the possibility of doing the work and having some other teams sign and get them anyway. You might, you're not guaranteed to get him in two years, you are, because they will not be able to franchise tag him. Again, and just ask Kirk Cousins how that all worked out for him. It did. He was able to finally turn on the franchise that kept on one year franchise tagging him and say, I'm out of here, see you later, and I'll show you what I can do somewhere else. The situation for Lamar Jackson and the fact that he has made a demand that the ravens are clearly not going to meet reportedly allegedly from what it seems from afar, that's earned him the non exclusive franchise tag. And he is seeing right now that in this current state of affairs, no team is going to go first on Lamar or two first on Lamar. Right now, certainly when they don't want to potentially give him all that money guaranteed. It's a lot of money and it's a lot of draft capital and it's a lot of changing horses in midstream. How many teams do you think that would even consider putting an offer sheet out there for Lamar Jackson? Went into their off season planning, saying, we might be able to get Lamar. In the same way that Tampa went into their off season planning scene, we might be able to get Brady the year that Brady was available. Brady was a free agent. You could get him for nothing, but your money. That's it. So people are going to have to change their plans midstream and you could sit here and say it's Lamar Jackson. You should do it. Well, that's not the way a lot of NFL franchises operate. You just heard that from Thomas Dimitrov. But in terms of awkwardness, I'm sure if he signs that franchise tender and winds up playing for the ravens, then they have to go into the season together. And Lamar, I would proffer to say, should get out there and finish because the last thing he wants to have hanging over him when he does finally hit free agency and be able to sign with anybody is the whole, well, you can't finish a season. This is just a wildly unprecedented and I just don't know how it's going to wind up other than him being back with the ravens right now. It would be amazing if somebody steps forward and gives him an offer sheet. And then creates a conundrum for the ravens with a 5 day clock that starts. Do you actually go ahead and match that? I think they do. I don't think they're going to go into the season with Tyler Huntley. I just don't. 8 four four two O four rich number of dollar Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers is when we come back right here on the rich eisen show reportedly. Don't go anywhere. We also have Tom Pelosi an hour number three to talk all about this Lamar latest coming up.

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