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They were good and you got gotta take a win where you can. I thought they came out in the very first drive, ran the football and ran it in a convincing way. I thought they put JT Daniels general genuinely in spots where he could succeed. I thought defensively, I don't think they were ready for the for the air raid attack because they were in incredibly effective. But I, you know what I gotta take it as a win and say, you go to. Arizona's next week. That's not a good Arizona team, although they, they put better you, they're getting better. You've got to, you've got to consider if they can get to foreign two. By the time they get to the Utah game, which is in Salt Lake, then I think they've got a chance to salvage a season and turn it into a legitimate run in the Pac twelve. Because I, you know, obviously playoff is off the table, but they're still no reason why they can't win the Pac twelve south. The Pac twelve south is not very good. No, and so it's wide open to anybody. All right. So the other question is, did we did we give the dodgers the division too early? Okay. That's a good question. You want me to tease that. Can't you want? Okay. I literally could care less if we ever break today. Yeah, I I never liked breaks. I'm I've said over and over again. We focus group that and people don't like brakes. They wanted to just keep talking. So. We have literally, we have nineteen people here and we'd botched the openly show nineteen. We focus group do you like commercials? And it came back. But we'll make sure you're here because we'll come back with all of Lakers media day come next John a question. Do we put the dodgers who are literally game and a half ahead of Colorado game and a half up on Colorado? Did we jump too soon that's coming up next for you? Mason? Ireland. Live from Lakers media.

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