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Back now to the explosion in texas overnight correspondent deborah rodriguez reports from the city of shirts another package bomb has exploded in texas it happened just after midnight at a fedex distribution center near san antonio no one was injured cbs is omar villafranca is outside the building in shirts we just learned that fbi atf agents are on the scene at this facility they're going through some of that bomb debris to see if there's any matching components signature that would link this bomb with the four bombs in austin cbs news has learned the package was headed for austin where two people were killed this month police believe those explosions may be the work of a serial bomber chief brian manley asking people to share home security video with us if you have something that you think is relevant to this investigation or even if you even if you questioned whether it's relevant call us give us the tip keep attuned to wbz radio for the very latest on this ongoing situation now to manchester new hampshire of we're not going to get tough on the drug dealers who killed thousands of people and destroy so many people's lives we are doing the wrong thing president trump laying out his plan to confront the opioid crisis it's great to be back in new hampshire state he wants described as a drug infested din the president vowed the scourge of addiction will end on his watch it will stop justifying his call for the death penalty and drug trafficking cases the president said toughness is what dealers fear most we have got to get this isn't about nice anymore this isn't about committees the president's at his administration will urge the development of non addictive painkillers were to cut the number of opioid prescriptions and run new tv ads warning of the dangers of opioid abuse steven portnoy cbs news.

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