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A tough number of days for a lot of people and it continues amongst amongst the fury and civil unrest that is going on around the country right now which is why I'd like to highlight the people that I appreciate most in sports the gets a good time to focus on the positives as well as recognize what we need to change the country within ourselves looking reflexively inside ourselves looking in the mirror to ask what it is what it is that we want to be instead of what it is that we are so I'd like to highlight some of the people here on the show that I really appreciate and yesterday we had Jim Murray from Boston's ninety five the sports hub who I really appreciate because he seems to have a running ticker in his head of his personal rankings of everything this is my top five hamburger slider the number five here's my top four wing dipping sauces just slid into the top five dropping number five out of it this is my five worst closers ever I just re rack that today in my brain this is a top five bands out of eighties punk rock that I have just reassessed in my mind after hearing this new album he is amazing and that way and I love having Jim Murray from my old home in Boston join this year the show yesterday if you missed that interview I highly encourage you to do so because he has a very strong take on flax verses drop these in the wing eating contacts today we'll have Adam rank join us a half hour from now and Adam is one of my favorite people in sports he works for a fell network because he and I kind of share the same sense of humor he's highly sarcastic he also really loves nostalgic old NFL and he just seems to be a guy that his humor resonates on social media I think he makes people laugh while also being very smart about things and he's a fantasy guru so he he kind of like fills a lot of different buckets his versatility is pretty amazing so he's really got a fantasy he's got a really good sense of humor he's a really diverse guy he likes a lot of different things he loves baseball as well he's a huge Star Wars fan as well he's a big old band guy like he loves bands from the eighties and nineties so he just has a very diverse sense of taste which I really appreciate people like that but not just so one dimensional so we'll have Adam join us coming up here on the show about a half hour from now on I'm sure he's going to make me laugh and hopefully make you guys laugh as well by the way I just want to report a big win for DA okay really big win here you remember that two weeks ago we did best team ever and that was all of our favorite teams and a player from our favorite teams that we grew up with that we loved from our youth and I had wanted to relive the nineteen eighty eight Cleveland Browns who had one of the craziest seasons in NFL history was right in the middle of my youth that was nine years old you have Browns fans in brown dog masks Halloween costumes eating milk bones inside this cavernous Cleveland Municipal Stadium and I just fell in love with that image in that fund and that craziness and the guy that nicknamed the Browns fans the dog pound was Hanford Dixon who was one of the best corners in the NFL of the eighties he and Frank midfield made were the best cornerback tandems ever in NFL history for the eighties Cleveland Browns Hanford Dixon was the guy that would bark at teammates well I didn't get the fans to do it as well the fans adopted it so much that they started wearing dog masks and bringing the milk bones to the stadium wearing them around their necks and eating them after big Browns plays it sounds insane but there were adults in the crowd of Browns games in the eighties eating milk bones after big plays for Dixon created that it's so I wanted to have Hanford Dixon on the show two weeks ago when I did this spot here predicts it happens to be a real estate broker in the greater Cleveland area so I went to his real estate website and I went to his contact information and I filled out my information put in my email address put in my cell phone number I also contacted him via DM on Twitter reached out to him a number of times texted him as well to see if he would come on the show I never got a response so we had to pay for it and I had Felix right on the show who is a safety on those teams also part of the secondary part of the defense the help carry those teams and he was very very good as well but I really want to have protection on here the big win I am getting a regular email from Hanford Dixon now unfortunately their real estate emails so every four or five days I wake up to an email from Hanford Dixon to my personal account and I'm really excited like yesterday I had an email from Hanford Dixon this is exciting and the subject is just checking in while he predicted cares about me.

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