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To evacuate the largest and most destructive fire has burned across thousands of acres and ventura county north of los angeles and early this morning another fire began near the getty museum in los angeles not far from interstate 405 winds are expected to pick up later today john supposed to do oh of kqed is in los angeles near the getty museum either john higher so first of all just described to us what you're seeing what's the situation there soon apocalyptic dark smoke rise from one earth the most iconic areas in los angeles this the home of the getty center the home of one of the most valuable are clutching zain in the world uh what we're seeing is a lot of emergency personnel rushing into to try and stop the fires were seen a lot of evacuations i'm right next to a hotel that's that's near the 405 way and folks are being asked to leave their being handed white mass they're being told to grab their their luggage and get out um as there there is just a credible concerned that this fires going to spread and it's a big deal anytime a highway shuts down in los angeles it's especially a big deal when it's on the 405 and were seen a total shutdown of the south of the northbound lanes on the 405 which is creating a traffic snarls i'm seeing lots of traffic both in the cars from evacuees and of police and firefighters as they respond to this fire in los angeles laos so the effect of this fire could reach far beyond the actual location that it's at because of their problem with interstate 405 the tell us more about exactly where this fires located what else is around there that's making this such a dangerous event well this is just a hotbed at fuel you have a lotta trees bag grew a lot during the heavy downpour about a year ago and then got hit by the is intense drought so there's a lot of vegetation that is dry and ready to to burn uh and that's something that we're seeing not just here in los angeles but all across the south land all across southern california a lot of dr vegetation more than normal and it's just being lit up as embers from really fast moving winds known as santa hannas locally uh spread those embers throughout the.

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