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Hardly ever club drive down or pickup everybody 'cause you just it's still a people game it's also to driver game if you don't have drivers that are capable of getting the job done even though he put everybody even equipment rather here a great example daytona tell diageo is probably one one of those times were nascar is done a pretty good job but with restrictor plates at what springs a shocks a issue and all the guidelines are layer we see teams like david reagan driving for you know a front row was able to come out and and steal some winds of people like that they levelled at plainfield was still bottomline if you run ten races more times and not these veterans in these guys that are really really good we're going to come out on top they know something that everybody else and no matter what car you put them in there are always going to be competitive we're here it out back in daytona beach lovely day to show is also presented by toyota brought to you by toyota for the latest toyota racing information visit toyota racing dot com what's the biggest challenge ac nascar and what would you do to fix it are climb over it our great panel takes that on next at advance auto parts we offer you the quality parts you want and knowledge you need and we're always looking for ways to help you save right now would advance premium oil brands a castro mobile valvoline and pennzoil are all on sale truce by courts and in oilfields are starting as low as twenty three ninety nine for your oil change only in advance of participating car quest autoparts stores advance auto parts.

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