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Ladies and gentlemen let me have your attention please. What i'm about to start something and it's called the morning show. We invite you to get win. It be in come on. Yeah 'cause i'm telling you right now we go so i'm just telling you come on. I wake up already said here. We all ladies and gentlemen steve. All morning show happy. Friday ready set steve harvey good mornings. There must be called for rail. Thank you steve. Never met on a friday june. You go like i'd be. I'd be brain. Does talking about racing scared. Well well well. Jay anthony brown after a week of work. It's great to see a bridie thing. You jeez ooh start any well. It's friday steve with tommy. You gotta let him speak to mr. Hey man hey. Hey tommy sick man. Sick out that you'd be out. He was he was a wonderful person working with them ways. Sorry that's going on you. Killed sadness surely has killed four people on was fairly. I'm a murderer. What are you saying. You might you in excess are- surely if you was a rapid doing a rap battle you the wrong killing people. Oh slaying was an oversight. Sit up coming work. Oh wow wow look man. Light-years oversight sit over time so anyway as always thanks to you is friday. What's up do legal show after this. We'll go hit some golf balls. Taking lessons well. Everybody taken tied the head coach and he was a greater what you just get it. One day click up click. Click coming up with thirty two minutes after the hour as the ceelo chief. Legal officer steve harvey in the building. Right after this. You're listening to morning show..

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