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Of braintree here's accu weather i'm meteorologist frank straight if you live along the coast watch out for flooding around the boarding high tide for the next couple of days otherwise we're looking at some clouds through this evening skies were clear tonight though and will drop 34 seasonably chilly night at tomorrow looking okay for early december partly sunny skies and a high of forty six increasing clouds with a low thirty seven tomorrow night and then the tuesday will be mainly cloudy rain will start in the afternoon but reminder with a high fifty three rainy tuesday night of the rain may linger into wednesday morning the rest of wednesday clouds a break to a miles of sun but will be turning colder will get an early high of 56 a temperatures will fall into the 40s i'm accu weather rebel just frank straight wbz newsradio 1030 by dow overcast skies forty three degrees in boston wbz news time 334 boston mayor marty walsh says suburban lawmakers calling for a state audit of boston public schools should bind their own business wbz's karyn regal spoke with the mayor near walls has already ordered a private firm to audit student activity accounts in boston skulls after nayereh s audit found significant problems but state rep sean duly from norfolk and sauna o'connell from taunton want the state auditor to examine the books i asked the mayor about that there are a couple of what that officials legislators from trenton and and nor for that should focus on their own districts quite honestly and not worry about what happens in boston and actually they should fight for their own constituency to get additional money into their budgets for schools barbara's of the concern that much of of schools i i would show allan's both of them to do more advocacy for education funding for the kids with hummel to massachusetts and not try and gave headlines with.

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