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Thought he could make it on the delayed steel But he he ran into an. Easy out with account three balls and no strikes to Stephen douger Was not closed second base so one out and nobody on Now the pitch in there for a called strike just above the knees chassis seen before this game in one hundred twenty in two innings and allowed, only one hundred one base heads and just nine home runs. Which, is pretty good Milwaukee as a real homerun hitters part now fasten who looked to be a few inches off the outside would call a strike in its ran to now Ryan Blakeney. A very wide strike that time What looked like Baltimore Joson strand to pitch swing and a. Bouncer to short arsia? Has it throw to. I just in time got. Him by a step So two down Judah nobody on here. Is Brandon Crawford Crawford This is heading to eighty six with ten home runs forty two batted in three fifty four on base average Duggar began the game with a two eighty three. Average in fifty three at bats Crawford swings pops it up found and out? Of play off to the left and.

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