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To the point. Where <Speech_Telephony_Male> when the plane <Speech_Male> is certified the pilots <Speech_Telephony_Male> ready to go? <Speech_Music_Male> Because <Speech_Music_Male> that's <Speech_Music_Male> not how this is GonNa work <Speech_Music_Male> isn't <Speech_Music_Male> going to be the case <Silence> that <Speech_Music_Male> Pilots <Speech_Music_Male> are only <Speech_Music_Male> beginning the <Speech_Music_Male> training. Simulators <Speech_Music_Male> once the aircraft's <Speech_Music_Male> recertified. <Speech_Telephony_Male> We don't <SpeakerChange> really know <Silence> how that's GonNa work. Do we <Speech_Male> know <Speech_Telephony_Male> no. We don't <Speech_Male> that's a good question. Yeah <Speech_Male> when can <Speech_Male> pilots begin <Speech_Male> the simulator training. <Speech_Telephony_Male> He's <Speech_Male> sort <Speech_Music_Male> of software. Package <Speech_Music_Male> is <Speech_Music_Male> finalized <Speech_Music_Male> in ready to go but at <Speech_Music_Male> that still hasn't <Silence> happened right <Speech_Male> but <Speech_Male> but doesn't that presuppose <Speech_Male> that if <Speech_Male> the software package <Speech_Male> has been finalized <Speech_Male> the aircraft <Speech_Male> has been recertified. <Speech_Male> Uh <Speech_Male> Donald Dewey. <Speech_Male> We <Speech_Male> have no idea <Speech_Male> no we we <Speech_Male> we know nothing <Speech_Male> this ACA something. <Speech_Male> This will give us something to <Speech_Male> research and <Speech_Telephony_Male> probably come <Speech_Male> up with an inconclusive. -clusive <Speech_Male> answer for next <Speech_Music_Male> week. So <Speech_Male> and then <Speech_Music_Male> we'll we'll do the whole thing over <Speech_Telephony_Male> again but <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> moving in the right <Speech_Telephony_Male> direction it <Silence> finally seems <SpeakerChange> like <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> hey the triple. <Speech_Music_Male> Seven s flew <Speech_Music_Male> so so <SpeakerChange> Boeing <Speech_Male> something good <Speech_Male> yet. I don't think <Speech_Male> that we should take <Speech_Male> anything away from that. <Speech_Male> That the triple <Speech_Telephony_Male> X.. <Speech_Male> A first flight to <Speech_Music_Male> first flight right. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> That's it <Speech_Male> would be deal in <Speech_Male> the webcast <Speech_Music_Male> that they <Speech_Telephony_Male> had. Oh <Speech_Telephony_Male> God the Web <Speech_Telephony_Male> and Friday. <Speech_Male> I'm going to stay away from <Speech_Male> the technical criticism <Speech_Male> of the webcast <Speech_Music_Male> but <Speech_Male> the content <Speech_Male> of the webcast <Speech_Male> not the <Speech_Male> actual content but the <Speech_Male> spirit of the <Speech_Male> content. I will say <Speech_Male> was I <Speech_Male> thought good fruit food <Speech_Male> folks who who <Speech_Telephony_Male> had worked on <Speech_Male> the triple seven acts <Speech_Music_Male> and to be able <Speech_Male> to see that their <Speech_Male> work was was <Speech_Male> finally in the air. <Speech_Telephony_Male> A morale <Speech_Male> boost. Yes <Speech_Music_Male> egg dare you go. That's <Speech_Music_Male> who go <Speech_Telephony_Male> apparently Boeing <Speech_Music_Male> had spent all <Speech_Music_Male> of its money <Speech_Music_Male> recently <Speech_Telephony_Male> on everything <Speech_Male> else. Max Related <Speech_Music_Male> in had literally <Speech_Music_Male> tens of dollars <Speech_Music_Male> left it. <Speech_Music_Male> Put this <Speech_Music_Male> webcast together. <Speech_Music_Male> The triple seven EXA <Speech_Telephony_Male> and they. They made it <Speech_Telephony_Male> work but it wasn't <Speech_Music_Male> pretty but <Speech_Male> some of the visuals. <Silence> No <Speech_Male> they <Speech_Telephony_Male> were pretty. They had a <Speech_Telephony_Male> helicopter buzzing <Speech_Music_Male> all over the place. <Speech_Music_Male> Everett which was <Speech_Music_Male> pretty damn cool <Speech_Music_Male> but <Speech_Music_Male> men that was some <Speech_Music_Male> of the commentary <Speech_Music_Male> in the video <Speech_Music_Male> packages were painful <Speech_Male> to watch coach <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> literally <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> dozens of <Speech_Music_Male> dollars to produce. <Speech_Music_Male> They could <Speech_Music_Male> really use <Speech_Music_Male> professional help there. <Speech_Telephony_Male> I'm sure <SpeakerChange> people would be <Speech_Music_Male> more than willing <Speech_Music_Male> to help. <Speech_Music_Male> But at the <Speech_Telephony_Male> end of the day that got <Speech_Music_Male> the live shot of the <Speech_Music_Male> airplane taking <SpeakerChange> off and <Speech_Telephony_Male> landing. And that's all that matters. <Speech_Male> They didn't <Speech_Telephony_Male> miss that <Speech_Male> in and so <Speech_Telephony_Male> it all worked out. <Speech_Male> I mean they almost almost <Speech_Music_Male> missed that lending <Speech_Music_Male> is the <Speech_Music_Male> livestream kick <Speech_Music_Male> in <Speech_Male> at about five. HUNDRE- <Speech_Telephony_Male> speaks so they <Speech_Male> were trying to crank. Start <Speech_Telephony_Male> the camera <Speech_Telephony_Male> or something I I don't know <Speech_Telephony_Male> but yeah <Speech_Telephony_Male> it didn't work <Speech_Male> out so we'll <Silence> take what we can get. <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Telephony_Male> am going <Speech_Male> to take what I can get <Speech_Male> Ango collapse into a <Speech_Music_Male> heap because I have <Speech_Telephony_Male> been up for far <Speech_Music_Male> too long <Speech_Male> you should we <Speech_Male> should. <Speech_Telephony_Male> We should all go to bed. <Speech_Telephony_Male> And I think <Speech_Male> that's going to be our plan <Speech_Telephony_Male> and <Speech_Telephony_Male> then we'll come back <Speech_Male> in a couple of weeks and do it all <Speech_Music_Male> over again. <Speech_Music_Male> All right <Speech_Male> all right <Speech_Telephony_Male> I <Speech_Telephony_Male> am impetuous <Speech_Male> this <Speech_Male> has been episode. Seventy <Speech_Male> six of <Speech_Male> talk <SpeakerChange> and I am here <Speech_Music_Male> as always <Speech_Music_Male> with Jase <Speech_Music_Male> Rabinowitz. <SpeakerChange> Thank thank <Music>

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