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Over on the road course, at pedestrian bridge comes out with actually paint the runway stripes runway number so if you flew over in Orlando and in India today, and you look down you'll see a runway gates open the ten, and if it rains, they can still fly. Matt bear has traffic there. We've been looking at westbound seventy the airport trying to figure out what's going on here with this delaying and finally founded okay, left lane blocked because of the stalled vehicle right after do sixty-seven Quaker boulevard, and it has traffic backed up to the airport on the northwest side. Northbound four sixty five stop and go from eighty sixth street up to age sixty five you make an east you're going to be slow all the way over to Meridian westbound four sixty five low Westfield boulevard over the ditch road. Eastbound four sixty five stopping keystone, the alisonville road on the east side. Northbound four sixty five we ever delay stretching from seventy up to seventy fifth street the downtown westbound seventy from Emerson avenue into the northest foot. I'm looking at the southeast side of this delay hashtag, I four sixty five six one more commute. And then we're done with it. Westbound four sixty five just jammed right now man for Brookville road down at around the ice IX five if we're heading north on sixty five. I would say from south board that's going to be stop and go from four sixty five up to the south split and taking a look at the downtown delays. Westbound eastbound seventy both staff and go I mean, we're bumper to bumper hardy street to the south split in both directions. Vice versa. Southbound sixty five full from twenty nine th street down to the north everything between the splits. Yeah. You know, how that's going. It's not good eastbound four sixty five there on the southwest side that slow from is seventy down to is sixty five traffic sponsored by Drexel interiors. Go where the pros go Jackson interiors for full service help from designed to expert installation on Timberlake kitchen and bath candidates Drexel interiors, thirty to seventeen shaped Drexel.

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