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I think he necessarily has to be forced out of the senate no i don't because this did not occur in net workplace don't get me wrong i am not endorsing it by and think this would be the same position i would take come i would take whether it's a republican or a democrat if this was miss behavior in the workplace i would have a completely different position on it i think it's a matter for the folks of minnesota and a judge and hopefully they will be in a hopefully they'll decide that healthcare al franken might this this whole ian holier than now character that he portrays might not um night might not be really true john in brookville john your wtmj good afternoon we are talking to you thanks for calling hey how incredible the empires with delays i mean look back to bill clinton welcomed all these women kfor with bill clinton had everybody on the left it was you know just trying to bury them all no no it can't be bill clinton now we understand it okay paula jones and all these people they they probably were rid you know we need a broad rick they were telling the truth over here and i'm twenty eight year old among the younger part of your live here but how how dare you think avary hundredman area the guy what did i do if teen years ago and his how how gusting is it back to this can't be at the can't be it'd be we line in the fans of all it was just these these handful of people you know there are so many of them if you wanna talk about uh oh we're into waiting to enforce some tied the horrible term limit here it is kinda taking a fact call and cnc ian john i guess that's a look i i make a distinction at least when you're talking about somebody who is currently in that office i make a.

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