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Owners we talked to say that this will help businesses hurt by the health orders caused by the pandemic. We saw a lot more folks stopping by just to get drinks on We we saw a huge spike in the repeat orders at the table when people were getting ready to go when they finish their mail. Yes, I'll have another mo most of the goat. The ruling is in effect until Janeway fourth. If you want to know the exact amounts allowed per customer informations on this story on the WRC news website well, Governor Kay Ivey, admitting that she wishes that she would have done some things differently and her initial response to the pandemic. It was back in the spring that the state ordered Close contact businesses like gyms and hair salons to actually close, But many smaller mom and pops shops were also forced to close while those big box stores as you all know, remained open well. In an interview with great political reporter Lydia Nussbaum, governor Ivy said that she does regret making that decision. We put a safe at home or in place and Closed businesses to some and kept them open, then became Known is essential and nonessential. And that was a mistake because all businesses on essential governor ivy now making it clear that she will not close businesses again. Attorney General William Barr stepping down President Trump made the announcement on Twitter, where he also praised Bar and said that the two had a nice meeting on Monday. The president says that barbell leave just before Christmas to spend the holidays with his family. A deputy attorney general, Jeff Rosen, will become acting attorney general President Trump says he, too, though, will continue his election legal efforts. Despite the Electoral College, confirming Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election electors across the country met Monday to formally cast their votes. Biden with 306 President Trump finished with 232 in Alabama. All nine electoral votes were cast for president Trump and vice president Pence. Meanwhile, president like Biden campaigns today in Georgia had a that's state's upcoming Senate runoff. Just hours after the Electoral college certified each state's official votes, though he also addressed the nation. You know this battle for the soul of America, Democracy prevailed. We? The people voted faith in our institutions held Integrity of our elections remains intact. You heard him struggling. They're a little bit. The president elect Biden did admit that he's fighting a cold right now. Meanwhile, Congress is scheduled to officially certify the votes of the electors on January. 6th Inauguration day is scheduled for January. 20th Developing situation in Nigeria What we know about hundreds of students missing from a boarding school after an attack by armed kidnappers. Anything that we can do that? Oh, make them get a smile on their face during.

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