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So i hope that works out occurred that's very sweet but the olympics zero like i don't know if you watched the any of the skiing stuff but you know every i watched did you watch sean whites as notorious for him so happy for him it was so incredible what he did but what's crazy is like these snowboarding like these halfpipe announcers try to find the positive sure and like even the falls it's the whole the report the report of the participation generation so there was like tom going down have to only fell before he looked good for years right i think he came in last but my gosh just to make the olympics though it's so i mean but to find something positive to say about everybody i could never be able to do that like bode miller oh yeah right i bowed because booties a straight shooter and he's like that's a terrible run look at her she's coming out of the posh coming out of returns to early now she's in the groove she can't decide which he wants to do she said i'm not going to win the medal this time and you're like wow but he but he's he's since i don't think he's he's never rude he's just being since series a shooting straight down like and we live in a world hour straight talk apparently is shocks socks everything in there that quincy jones article a couple of weeks he added you read that by the way where he talked about a lake how richard pryor and marlon brando had sex and i think he just like literally spilled the beans about everybody's like michael jackson was so cheap and he stole this song admitted that it at like heats pests like it was the craziest interview i've ever horrendous quincy jones he just he just said adding opened the vault yeah pretty much did not also say that he has like 25 girlfriend's currently yeah he said all kinds of staff and at yeah like they asked him if there any does he have any regrets about any of his music it's like not left every album i'm done is superior to everybody lay the now i gotta ask is something going on.

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