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All right. Isaac i have some lightning round questions for you. One of them is that you know. Okay sorry go go go on earlier mentioned that the sydney sweeney character olivia right. The daughter of the privileged mossbacher was i. Forget the exact word you use. But sociopathic gleam malevolent or something like that seven sociopathic one or the other. Yeah yeah and so talk a little bit more about her. Because we've talked about paula. We've talked about quinn. But we haven't talked about her and she is a mysterious figure. I mean her main motivation that we see is essentially to ruin everyone else's vacation especially her mother's and her brothers right. I mean she seems to be someone who is so stupid and resentment that her her primary goal is to make other people unhappy yet. I do think there's ways in which she's the most mysterious character on the show. There's a couple moments where it seems like part of what's going on with her is inability to admit queer desire to herself. There's a particularly when she sees rachel in a bikini for the first time and also her obsession with her friend paula. Paul is kind of diagnosis of her. There's a really great fight. The two of them have in towards the end of the show that she and her best friend. Paula have that. I feel like just a great scene study acting scene. But paul is diagnosis. Is that essentially. She is is breaking away from the family and treating them so horribly and in a way to kind of try to be. Paul is twinned to try to kind of become her. Which of course she cannot do for many reasons including the paula is not white and is not rich and she can't actually. Olivia can actually stop being who she is and as soon as it becomes convenient for her to do so. Olivia will just snap back to being the good daughter of these people and sure enough. That actually happens later in the episode. And so there's a mercurial aspect to that character. We're not totally sure where she stands but for for much of the show. Yeah as you said dana. It does seem like she's solely exists to save the most perturbing thing possible to whoever she's talking to knew. She keeps diagnosing her younger brother with various issues. She's constantly were meant to think making up ailments for paula. So that so as to make the mothers vacation were she's saying horrible things to the mother about her money even though it's their money pays for vacation. She's sort of this figure of pure spite but where they go with it towards the end goes into some some pretty interesting directions. I think am i read on her is that she's supposed to stand in. I think in certain ways for kids in college these days like i have a certain kids. These days has a little bit of. It's the one part of the show. Where i'm a little bit like this feels like it was written by an older person about younger people that maybe you know about kids these days on the internet like what's what's up with gen z. A little bit that although it is a little bit more complex and better written i think in certain ways than a lot of attempts to capture that kind of character. But i think you know what is very so funny as visual joke to me is all of the books that might quite has them reading throughout the series. I mean paula. And olivia constantly reading like de colonialist theory and like france finan and freud and all of these books that you would read as like a college freshman that blow your damn mind about the way the world works and then you feel inclined to like lecture. Every single person at dinner. And olivia is a big lecturer. I mean they're family dinners..

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