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One eight nine zero zero but first to double as weather channel forecast will be dry this morning then subside during the afternoon with a high of eighty seven it will be a slight chance for a better from late today during the start of the evening alright dry with a low sixty seven will be cooler tomorrow sunshine and high of eighty two expects seventies right the lake and a sunny Monday warmer with a high climbing to the upper eighties from the weather channel I Jeff marred of you LSA may ninety with another update in thirty minutes around view beach in southern California is closed today after a thirty foot long slab of the sea cliff collapsed yesterday afternoon tons of stands tone was went on to the beach and killed three people it happened at a popular beach in Encinitas just a quick twenty minute drive or so north from San Diego the amount of cliff they came down is reportedly about fifteen cubic yards I think of a dumpster sixteen feet long seven and a half feet wide nearly five feet high filled with heavy sent one cubic yard of wet sand which is what these guys are made of weighs about three thousand pounds so do the math that's forty five thousand pounds of heavy sand coming down from a cliff that is quite a distance up I'm Jim Moret police in Hong Kong tear gassed protesters today after a police station was vandalized fires are breaking out across Contra Costa county California now the fires began last night five hundred acres have already burned I'm Christopher Cruz no foundation for still close is simply due to this accident from earlier this morning that'll be until further notice the evens clear right now Kennedy coming in on the brakes Cumberland Harlem in North Avenue to the bird interchange thirty and from the airport out phones breaking finagle.

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