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The passive vaccines give you the antibodies that vaccine induces in you normally active accion. They just put that in Buffalo and injected into. So he doesn't last as long as a as an active vaccination. As you know I, don't know fifty years ago. I, had my smallpox vaccine. Or whatever it was besieged vaccine. So all of those you know there's no these things don't last. Fifty years. But what they do is give to your two months protection, but in fact, collect so and asteroid working on things give you six months protection. So you can just keep going back every six months and get your. Top I mean they're not cheap top and keep yourself protected potentially. So, what's your hope? Some I mean when are you anticipating being able to get a vaccine and walking around your neighborhood? Gosh tantalizing me. Then I would love to To to believe the one of these vaccines, the active vaccines Pfizer Moderna. Novak's is looking quite interesting actually the vaccine ready by the end of this year and next year I would hope that the better than the minimum of the FDA required, which is fifty percent. protection. And frankly even if it's fifty percents, reduces your risk of of of disease or severe disease by fifty percent I would still take it You spend a couple of days feeling pretty grotty, and then after that, you protect for hopefully year two year three or four years I would like that. Sam, what do you know what's going on in China? You know we see reports that. Chinese pharmaceutical companies and the government are having running tests, tens of thousands in injecting people with some type of quote unquote vaccine. What's going on there? You know Yeah but we're doing that to poll we've got. If you add up all the number, sixty, thousand, four Johnson, and Johnson forty, four, thousand, four. Five you get up to over two hundred thousand people being injected vaccines or half of them anyway. Vaccine in in the trials now. So I don't know the detail of what's going on in China but I, don't think this is massive news that they already started with the With the military apparently, and then of course, the the booder population slowly running out. At the end of the day this this vaccine that they're using this the one that I just reading the article that We referring to is one that's based on a older technology nothing wrong with that but it's an older technology and We've seen some data for it does give you some protection. and. They're just rolling it out. Some. Is there a danger that one country will get and be covetous about it and keepers, and and we we won't see us. Well the companies who? Have just all signed up. There was the news yesterday signed up to equitable and making these vaccines that they're developing at least the Western companies. Available. to low income countries in an affordable way. So. I don't think this will happen. But the bigger question really is, would you in the United States be even have the possibility to get access to the Chinese vaccine or a Chinese individual in the country over there would they ever have access to the Western vaccine? So I think what's going on here is that the the country's got technology or developing vaccines themselves if you look around Germany. France England UK US China. Russia they're all they're all developing their vaccines and between them I'm sure they'll be enough to to hang your hand around which was the most effective with no idea some time..

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