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Time eight oh six there are plenty of police visible on the campus of Shelton high school this morning. Classes are in session, however, Shelton police captain, Mike. Viola tells us that there were there was a rumor of a potential school shooting today people walking in the hallways overhearing things. And at this point. No student was specifically named as a potential suitor and everybody that was a witness has been interviewed so far classes are in session, but extra police are there just to calm nerves north west farmers are scrambling to make up losses incurred during a trade war that has seen their products burdened by tariffs. Meanwhile, some local farmers say tariffs are the least of their worries that story from komo's Corwin Hake. Northwest wheat farmers have little to fear from tariffs even. Though much of their product is exported to Asia, Logan, Paget grows. We'd on hundreds of acres in central Oregon. The term trade war that's mainly with China and far more northwest. Tweet ends up in Japan and Korea were tariffs are not an issue. Instead, wheat farmers are much more focused on the scourge of wildfire. Some news reports seem to blame wheat farms for helping spread last summer's fires. Authorities say the region's vast wheat fields fueled the blaze, meantime, Oregon, governor, Kate Brown, credited, wheat, farmers for helping control. The fires knowledge in the expertise of the wheat farmers and their knowledge in fighting this type of fire was instrumental to our ability to reach this point reformers remain worried about the next wildfire season low prices they can plan for they say but fires are impossible to predict Corwin Hake. Komo news today crews will clean up a homeless camp where dogs have attacked two people in the last five days. The latest attack was Wednesday in Soto near Snoqualmie and sixth avenue. Witnesses say a dog bit a man who was working on a truck right by. One of the many RV's parked in the area. The dog's owner was ticketed, and because of the new attack the city says it's sped up plans to clear out the camp a homeless encampment. Aberdeen is slowly being closed down the city bought that property recently and put up a gate along with no trespassing signs that camp has been there for at least a decade, but the city of Aberdeen recently bought the property saying it's just too dangerous, and they want everybody out the mayor is allowing those who are actively seeking help to stay for the time being until they can get on their feet people like Christina Gilchrist, and Johnny gut 'gelato who spoke with komo's Keith Eldridge. Has you're doing some kind of services to show that you're bettering. Your your your situation is they're going to be a time when you're going to be able to to move out. Oh, yeah. I'm sure. For those who are not seeking help and still stay the city of Aberdeen says they will be ticketed for trespassing. The first of the money Pearl Jam raised with the home shows concerts will be aimed squarely at getting and keeping young homeless people off the streets. Here's guitarist Mike mccready shows.

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