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I'm Lisa Sarah Fox News. The Countdown is on for the first presidential debate of 2020 leg Up on the debate stage could be important to either candidate in this first of three Trump Biden debates. Trump campaign adviser Mercedes Schlapp says the goal is to show the contrast to unravel unveiled Joe Biden's attachment to the far left. The Trump campaign is alleged that Biden ones rest breaks and use of an ear piece. Biden Communications director Kate Bedingfield called that completely absurd. Of course, he is not wearing an ear piece and we Never asked for a break. Fox NEWS Sundays Chris Wallace is in Cleveland to moderate the debate, which will last 90 minutes. Gurnal Scott Fox NEWS DEMOCRACY 2020 Comfort over the first presidential debate, moderated by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace. One hour from now alive on the Fox News Channel in the Fox News, APP. A federal appeals court has upheld a six day extension for counting absentee ballots in Wisconsin. If the decision stands, it means Val is postmarked on or before November through will be counted as long as they are received by November. 9th easing winds helping firefighters in Northern California as they battle to new wildfires, The glass fire in wine country and the ZOG fire in Chester County, where at least three people have died. Cal FIRE Deputy keep Jonathan Cox on the number of crews battling those fires 1474 personnel that includes Cal fire federal firefighters as well as local government. Firefighters from throughout California More than two dozen wildfires are burning in California somewhere sparked by lightning strikes last month. JPMorgan Chase has agreed to pay over $920 million and admits that this misconduct tied to the manipulation of trading of precious metals futures and Treasury securities. America is listening to Fox News. Attention SS I and other federal benefit recipients. If you did not file a tax return last year and have Children under 17,.

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