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All. I know, you know, so it's it's tough. But you know, I know I do one day this decision about to come. And it's a pretty quick. Did you think you would you have this decision prior to the your seat there? We go. So it is true will happen there. But doubled up on Saturday. Still though it looped a little bit. But it's still we got the idea. I say BS meter went off. Maybe. He knows which one he loves more. He knows what twenty loves more. You don't love everything the same. That's nonsense. He loves one more. But what he did is he roped the Oakland A's into giving them money because he didn't want to make a decision. And now, that's what he's pushing. I think he likes football more. I think he likes the acclaim of football. What do you think? I don't disagree at all. I actually think that this is much more about trying not to blow it keep the door open for correct? Not say anything that legally or otherwise hurts him in that regard. But I I agree. He wouldn't he wouldn't have been at radio row doing a football junket, essentially if he wasn't interested in entering the draft. Amen. Amen. What else we all? Right. We got twain Haskins. Now, he talked to Tiki also about if he was ready for this early leap he came out from Ohio State after only one year as a starter. And then he made an interesting comparison about the profile of the Ohio State quarterback job. You feel like I was ready to make that jump to the pros but need to keep getting better for for the future. Yeah. You know, when you think about this next level? It's I mean quarterbacks are the the thing is the biggest thing in sports. I think the money they make the expectations that.

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