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So we'll falls into the better than feared btf category okay american eagle outfitters abercrombie and fits x grass and signet jewelers all fit the bill through i don't want to go over these ptf names how they did how their stocks managed to run and most important to the better than feared quarters genuine bottom for the stocks or is it the kind of bottom that we get like that let's start with mercury this tina powell retail it was pretty pop them within ten years ago i member used to soar but in stock has been stuck trading the teens that a part of the last decade berganio seemed to get some traction in 2014 2015 stock rallying above nineteen dollars last summer but enforcing 2017 is brutal for these guys as young as of last monday the stock had been nearly cut in half falling ten dollars 23 sense what happened american eagle finally seemed like he was getting its act together in 2015 '16 during this period the company was delivering solid mid single digit samestore sales growth solid revenue growth and explosive earnings up seventy three percent in 2015 and then fifteen percent 2016 but the numbers began to taper off in the first quarter this year safer sales up just two percent down forty basis points you're beer total revenue kristen but just one point seven percent and the earnings getting clobbered down thirty six percent then the company reported tuesday night well the results weren't grayton any absolute sense they were much better then cleared marketing oh posted a threeset earnings speed of sixteen sent basis even as the ernie still shrank by seventeen percent more important accompany samestore sales rose by three percent wall street was looking for a point four percent decline members expectations were talking about the speak so that was a huge positive stocks shirts up with eight percent the next day which is how it ended up back at twelve bucks and changes of today makes sense american eagle is not a fabulous company despite all the worries its business is still doing a k.

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