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Tells us that her dad did buy her mom a car. Shut up. It's a long time ago. With a ring in the goat compartment. Yes, there was a new wedding ring in the glove box. Which proves our point that normal people can start to just dumb. There was a giant bow on it. There was a giant bow on. Is there a giant bow store? You can get a giant bow. Like car dealerships. They know, is there a separate bowl company or is it part of the car dealership? No, I mean, I'm sure both regular bow companies also make giant bows because there's a market for it. What if you have to give somebody something else giant and you needed a giant ball of elephant? Like you need an elephant boat. Something. Stampy. That is not a car. Here's an elephant. I got you. That was the name of the elephant that The Simpsons had stampy. Oh, you would think it would be stompy. Well, fine Okay. Okay, where was it? Lincoln project tweets, the moderate Republicans of the old GOP are never coming back. They've been driven out by conspiracy theorists kooks and election deniers and Republican Party as we knew it is no longer. To that point, Adam kinzinger on noted duchen oswalt Kevin McCarthy. I got to tell you, Kevin is the biggest disappointment. Probably a any friend I've ever had. He was a friend. You know, before the election, I started to notice he was defending Donald Trump more than he was defending his own members of Congress. But he is the guy. He is the entire reason Donald Trump is still a political figure. Kevin McCarthy is a coward. If he becomes speaker, it will be the worst time of his life and history will not be kind to him. This is the biggest bag of rats ever. Yeah, fight, fight, fight, big bag of rats. Kevin McCarthy could face a floor fight for speaker that hasn't happened. In a century, fight, fight, fight, fight. So awful. Andy Biggs said noted insurrectionists said he doesn't have votes. Some of the stages of grief include denial. So there'll be some denial. There'll be some stage of bargaining while people are trying to figure out, will there be some kind of consensus candidate that emerges. It could result in a chaotic floor fight with House members taking multiple votes for speaker something that has not happened in a century fight fight fight. Big bad. Awful. Awful. Do we know which speaker that was over, which speakership? I don't know. Don't know. Representative Adam Schiff. McCarthy's problem is he can't get to two 18 without larger Taylor Greene and Paul gosar in that case. And so he will do whatever they ask. And right now they're asking for me to be removed from my committees, and he's willing to do it. He's willing to do it. Anything they ask, and that's the problem. Kevin McCarthy has no ideology. He has no core set of beliefs. It's very hard on way to get to two 18 that way. It's even more difficult to keep two 18. That's his problem. Okay, I'm done now. Ron Phillips ski tweets. Well, Georgia Christian conservatives, you can vote for a congenital liar who has four kids from four different women raised none of them put a gun to the head of the woman he was cheating on put a knife to her throat, paid for two abortions denied both or vote for a Christian pasture. Yeah. Over to you now. By the way, our friend Victor sheet tweeting about youth turnout in Georgia. Uh huh. Again, through the roof. Unfortunately, once again, save democracy. Warnock is off, but not by a lot, and it's terrifying. The more Herschel speaks. What are we missing over there? You can't even keep track of the ridiculous. Well, Travis is going to kind of give him a vacation. So what the hell Herschel? Well, we'll only have a little more of it, hopefully. I thanked a bunch of gen zers at my brother's Thanksgiving. Oh, good. Thank you and sorry. That we screwed things up. They were like, shut up, boomer. Whatever, boomer. Victor tweeted breaking Georgia Supreme Court just reinstated a 6 week ban on abortion. The same day they allowed early voting to proceed on Saturday. Mark my words, you're about to see a tsunami of Gen Z voters and women in Georgia turn out to vote like never before. Yeah. I believe he is correct. And also that he is the future. He is. Oh, Lindy tweets, Herschel Walker lives in Texas, but is running for Senate and George. A mehmet Oz lives in New Jersey, but ran percent of Pennsylvania. Josh Holly lives in Virginia, but pretends to represent Missouri. Welcome to the party that constantly screams election fraud. Mmm um. Thank you. Oh, Andrew workman says, Herschel Walker committed tax fraud, paid at least three women to have four abortions despite claiming its murder. Claims residents in the state of Texas, not Georgia, mocks his eldest son's appearance and has been accused of trying to murder his own family multiple times. Your family values Parton. Party people. Yeah, well, that's right. He was mocking. He blamed his wife's genes for how I. Okay. And by the way, that's not as gorgeous. He's beautiful crazy work. But he's not. Yeah, he's not real, yeah. Yeah, but he was mocking his own son's looks because he's good-looking.

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