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They last they list him at some foot i think the list to its six eleven seven i'm not sure because i mean but he's a small forward aghast power or whatever but i mean yeah the whole game has changed in what guys do now guys wouldn't even think about doing back in the day that's because the whole game has evolved into a perimeter game position lewis basketball you better be able to handle you better be able to shoot you'd better be able to pass a little bit i mean there are you know can you imagine a guy like rick mahorn playing today i mean i couldn't i couldn't imagine a guy like rick he's gone the way of the hockey thug i mean he doesn't have a place right i mean he's he was an enforcer that kinda guy nowadays he's gonna he's gonna get a flagrant he's out of the game or whatever we move now again this game you better be able to defend the perimeter low you can't just fall the switching like i'll tell you who would have been great i mean two guys that were great back then there would have been great today david robinson and it came allies one because those guys are so athletic they could get out there you you just can't run pick and rolls and beuys those guys couldn't do it i mean that that's how athletic they are that's how gifted they were but yeah if you can't i mean you can't be i mean you better be like just dominant like there's there would always be a place for patrick ewing rick smits guys like that but it would be harder because now you're trading threes twos you're gonna get some twos on one end but they're gonna come back and just keep running pick and rolls and all they would do though is a different game today if you had a center couldn't move his feet but the point is our power for were different than the power boards the day unrecognizable the term stretch four stretch four was because there weren't any stretch fours back then i mean i guess i was kind of a stretch for me and i played power forward played some center and i was a perimeter a perimeter guy so i guess i wish i.

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